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Birds and yes, so do emu's and ostriches

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Q: What animal group does a penguin belong to?
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What animal group does a penguin belong in?

Penguins are birds

What group of animals does a penguin belong to?

A Penguin belong to the group of birds

What animal group do barracudas belong?

the barracudas belong to an animal group call battery

Do penguin belong to the bird group?


What animal kingdom does a penguin belong to?

bird kingdom

What animal group does the penguin come from?

A penguin is a bird.

What animal group does a Seastar belong to?

Sea Stars, also know as starfish, belong to the animal group echinoderms.

Does an emperor penguin belong in the chordata phylum group?

yes, they do.

What insects belong to the insecta animal group?

insects belong to the group arthropods :)

What vertebrate group does a penguin go into?

Penguins belong to a vertebrate group called aves.

Hydras and corals belong to what animal group?

they belong to cnidarians

What animal group do blue crabs belong to?

it is belong to the Chesapeake