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Yes, it does. For example, the hardest angle for a shot at goal would be the corner kick, a 180 degree angle relative to the goal, and obviously, you cannot score with a shot from behind the goal, as the ball would have already gone out of play.

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To solve this question we must have a simple understanding of the soccer pitch. The pitch is bound by two touchlines and two goal lines opposite of one another constructing a rectangle. The goal, bounded by two poles and a crossbar, is located on the goal line, with the poles perpendicular and crossbar parallel to the goal line. (1) The ball must break the plane formed by the goal line, posts, and crossbar. (2) A goal can be scored from a corner. LET one corner equal 0 radians. Thus the other corner is pi radians. (3) You can score a goal anywhere with in the pitch. Corners are boundaries of the pitch. (4) You cannot score a goal behind the goal, out of bounds, the side of the goal line not on the field. Therefore goals may be scored froms angles 0 radians through pi radians.

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Q: What angles are used in soccer scoring?
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