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Check the Ping fitting chart at: for all the different options available

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Q: What angle is red spot ping golf clubs?
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What does the spot colour on ping golf cluBs mean?

They realte to the Ping custom fitting system, it determines which lie angle you should have on your clubs as well as shaft length.

What is the difference between white spot and black spot golf drivers?

White and Black spots typically represent the clubs "lie angle" (I am assuming the make of the clubs are PING) Black spot is PINGs way of saying standard lie angle and white (i think) is 2 degrees upright. PING actually have about 10 different colors for lie angle, black and white are just two of the spectrum If ther are not PING clubs, then I have no idea

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Is the sweet spot larger on modern golf clubs?

Oh yes, the sweet spot on modern irons is at least 4-5 times bigger, and on some irons the whole face is a sweet spot. The same goes for drivers, some drivers have 9 sweet spots.

What is slang for the sweet spot in golf?

The button.

What degree of angle the Blind spot in a vehicle has?

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What does Ping i3 0-size white dot tell a person about that iron?

I have those exact irons..O-size is oversized sweet spot..the white dot designation denotes a 3 degree upright lie angle and is for one who has a very upright a tall person..these are very forgiving clubs as the oversized sweet spot helps on strikes that are not in the middle of the club.. great clubs..but they are now about 10-12 yrs old...probable the grooves on the irons are worn and would need to be sharpened..if not already done so..I bought mine brand new..and just this year re-condiotioned the grooves..paying more attention to the wedges..

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There are four playing cards with a single spot, known as an ace (spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds).

A playing card with only one spot?

There are four playing cards with a single spot, known as an ace (spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds).

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