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Q: What alliterations are in the cremationof sam mcgee?
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Where is Sam mcgee from from the poem The Cremation of Sam McGee?


In The Cremation of Sam McGee was Sam McGee really dead?


When was The Cremation of Sam McGee created?

The Cremation of Sam McGee was created in 1907.

Where is the metaphor for Sam Mcgee?

What is the metophor for the cremation of sam Mcgee

What is the name of the narrator in the cremation of Sam Mcgee?

The narrator of "The Cremation of Sam McGee" is named Cap

Is there any refrain or chorus of the cremation of sam mcgee?

Well there's the refrain 'I cremated Sam McGee'.

Why does Sam McGee Hate the Arctic?

He hates the Arctic because Sam McGee is from Tennessee and it is very warm in Tennessee.

Does Sam McGee die in the poem or not?

Yes, Sam McGee dies in the poem "The Cremation of Sam McGee". He hated the cold and a man promised him that he would cremate his body so that his spirit would be warm. After Sam died, the man kept his promise and cremated him.

What is rising action of The Cremation of Sam McGee?

The plot of The Cremation of Sam McGee is, he and his friend go some where cold (Canada) for the strike of gold and Sam McGee tells his friend Cap that he was going to die and made Cap promise to cremate him. But after the cremation of Sam McGee his friend Cap was starting to go crazy thinking that Sam came back to life but he was having illusions.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Cremation of Sam McGee - 1990?

The cast of The Cremation of Sam McGee - 1990 includes: Max Ferguson

Why did the speaker risk a lot to cremate Sam McGee?

Because he had made a promise to honour the final wish of Sam McGee and he felt he had to do it.

Why doesnt Sam go home in the cremation of Sam mcgee?