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all sports

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Q: What all activities do the girls do when they are playing?
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What Activities are 6 year old girls interested in?

playing with dolls

What were some of Abraham Lincoln's activities?

Some of Abraham Lincoln activities are playing with dolls.and kissing a sexy girl and sucking a sexy girl and not only one a lot of sexy girls.

What did all the Kimono Girls say?

to stop playing Pokemon

What age should girls stop playing with toys?

There is no age. Girls and boys of all ages play with toys. No matter how old you are, as long as you enjoy playing with them, carry on! But most girls stop at around 10-11

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The punishment for girls involved in immoral activities would depend on what immoral activity they were involved in and where the activity took place. The very minimum would be no punishment at all. Otherwise, it would be a fine of a small amount.

Which pronoun is correct you girls were playing hockey or us girls were playing hockey?

I am not sure between those two options, but I really matters on the way you are trying to say it. If you are saying it to the jockey players- You girls were playing hockey. If you are the girls playing hockey- We girls were playing hockey. Hope this helps!

Some activities can be called games. Which of these activities is a game?

playing solitaire

Some activities can be called games Which of these activities is a game?

Playing Solitaire

What are fun activities to do in the desert?

sand boarding, camel riding and dune buggying are all fun activities to do in the desert as long as you have LOTS of water

What are the antisocial activities?

Sitting at home on your couch playing video games all day, and ordering pizza delivery! :)

Why aren't girls physically capable of playing male sports?

Girls play male sports all the time you just don't see it often

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Listening to music (all types), playing my guitar, playing video games (pereferably Guitar Hero, GTA, or Halo), and singing my heart out!