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Sky Harbor International airport

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Q: What airport is near the University Of Phoenix Stadium?
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What are some hotels in Phoenix AZ near the airport?

There are many hotels in Phoenix, AZ that are located near an Airport. There is La Quinta inns, Crowne Plaza Hotels, Best Western Airport inn, Days In Phoenix Airport and many more.

Is the diamondbacks stadium near the grand canyon?

That stadium is in Phoenix, about 366 kilometers (by car) to The Canyon.

How can one make reservations at the Sleep Inn near the airport in Phoenix?

You can make reservations at the Sleep Inn near the airport in Phoenix online form the Trip Advisor website. Alternatively, you can also book a stay from the Booking website.

What three university stadiums are located near bodies of water?

University of Washington Husky Stadium

What is the nearest airport to the university in case travelling to NY?

There are many universities in and near New York City. The nearest airport depends on which university you are interested in.

What is the address of the holiday inn in Phoenix?

The Holiday Inn of Phoenix is conveniently located near the international airport. The precise address is 842 Evergreen Terrace. It is a very popular hotel in Phoenix with good specials.

What airports are near the University of California Los Angeles?

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and the Santa Monica Airport (SMO).

What website lists available university of phoenix jobs?

The University of Phoenix website has a page that you can view to check out job opportunities. You can request information about places near you or call at

Car Rentals at the Phoenix Airport?

Phoenix is a big, widely spread out city, and those visiting there for business or pleasure will want to secure a car rental so that they aren't inconvenienced during their stay. It's best to have the rental ready and waiting near the Phoenix airport in order to avoid costly taxis and irritating delays.

Did Barack Obama go to University of Phoenix?

No, he did not. He attended Occidental College in Los Angeles, Columbia University in New York City, and Harvard University in Cambridge (near Boston) MA.

How can I find an accounting class?

You can find an accounting class at nearly any local university. If you do not live near a college, you can find one online at University of Phoenix or Western Governor's University.

Where is Kerala University located?

The "Kerala University" is located in "Near Aasan Square, 23, Palayam Airport Rd., Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695037, India". The university was founded in 1937.