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Hanscom Field in Bedford, MA

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Logan airport

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Q: What airport do the Boston Red Sox use?
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What font does Boston Red Sox use on their hats?

Bosox, it can be downloaded on websites online, i have already done it myself.

What baseball players use number 9?

Ted Williams wore the number 9 for the Boston Red Sox.

Do the Boston Red Sox use an Eminem song?

Yes, they play Eminem's 'Lose Yourself' as a song to get the fans get pumped up.

Why do Boston Red Sox use the song Sweet Caroline e.g. after winning the World Series?

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What kind of bat does David Ross use?

David Ross is a catcher for the Boston Red Sox. He uses a Rawlings Flame Tempered ash bat, and practices with a Marucci Maple.

Are Logan International Airport and Boston Airport the same place?

Logan International and Boston Airport are the same. Some people use one name and others use the other. It is just like some roads are named one name but then are later changed. This goes for Airports as well.

How many baseballs do the Red Sox use in 2 sesons?

A lot.

Where can someone find booking information for hotels near Boston Airport?

One may find booking information for hotels near Boston Airport through the sites "Trip Advisor" or "Expedia". One may also use the "Airport Hotel Guide" for booking information.

Did David Ortiz use to play for the Yankees?

no,he was on the twins be4 he was a red sox.

What is the oldest professional baseball field in use today?

Fenway Park. Home to the Boston Red Sox. It opened on April 20, 1912. The next oldest is Wrigley field of the Chicago Cubs. It opened on April 23, 1914.

Does Delta Airlines use eboarding passes at Boston Logan Airport?

Yes they do. They also have this facility and smaller airports too.

Where can you find party streamers with the Boston Red Sox Logo?

When looking for party supplies you can check different party supply stores. Party city is one of the more popular stores that sell Redsox logo party streamers. If you can not find them at a party supply store, they may not have them available. The next best thing would be to use color streamers of the Boston Redsox, which would be red and blue, like a navy blue.