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Q: What age was LeBron James when he turned pro?
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What age did lebron James start playing pro basketball?

as soon as he learned how to read and write, which is never.

The age when James Douglas first fought?

he turned pro in may 1981 aged 21

How many years has Lebron James played?

LeBron James played 6 years pro but 7 in total 2003-2010

What kind of shooter sleeve does LeBron James wear?

The Nike Pro Combat Padded Shooting Sleeve.

What age did Tiger Woods become a pro?

He turned pro in August 1996, at the age of 21.

When did Mat Hoffman turn pro?

He turned pro at age 16.

How old was Shaun White when he became pro?

He turned pro in snowboarding at age 13, and later did the same in skateboarding at the age of 17.

How many years lebron been in the nba?

6 years pro

Did lebron James get took away for him mom?

Gloria James, lebron's mom was sleeping with lebrons former teammate delonte west and lebron got really pissed off so he started fighting(arguing) during the middle of a game but he was playing for the cavs when that happened

Did Venus Williams turn pro before Seran Williams?

yes venus turned pro in 1994 at the age of 14.

Who has made the most money all-time in pro sports?

I only know 2. LeBron James - Basketball Tiger Woods - Golf

What is the average pay of professional athletes in the US?

the average amount a pro athlete makes a season is around $29,450 (not evryone can be lebron james and make $20 million)