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Any time a person starts to lift they should wait until they have passed up their puberty years because heavy strains on the body before your done growing could cause a stunt in your growth but if your not worried about that with proper weight lifting gear and lifting tackicts there is really no age to begin whenever you feel comfortable with it.

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Q: What age should bench pressing start?
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How old and how tall should you be to start lifting weights and how much should you be able to bench?

There is no specific age or height, i started when i was 13 and i was 5'11" and i could bench 115 on my first day.

Is bench pressing 125 kg heavy for a 22 year old?

its very good at age under of 25year old man.

Should teens lift weights?

I wouldn't say they should, but they can. Anyone who wants to lead a healthy life, can start working out right from the age of around 15 yrs. i dont think that age matters im 13 about 190 and can bench my weight i think it all depends on weather or not your ready physicaly. I`m also thirteen and can bench 100kg. I`m about 75kg, not fat.

Should kids start driving at age ten?

no. they should start driving at age 2.

How much a ninety pound kid should bench press?

If your 90 pounds you should be benching 90 pounds, you should be able to bench your own weight An age is typically useful, but 90 lbs. should be the goal (bench your own weight). My cousin is 12 (turning 13 next month) and he weighs 90 lbs, but bench presses 120. I'd say he is very strong for his age and weight but, yeah I'd say 90 lbs. is a good goal to reach.

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Age 4 is the most common age to start school.

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What age should teens start dating?

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Can a 16 year old male bench 230?

It is possible, yes. Everyone is built differently depending on genetics and fitness levels, so it's not a guarantee. There exist some boys of that age bench pressing over 300, and others who cannot move their arms at all. A very high level of fitness is required to bench press 230 pounds, so it is not average nor expected.

Can you start dating at age 10?

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At what age do children start secondary school in England?

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How much should a 15 year old bench?

No 15 year old is the all depends in your weight an how much muscle you have....a awesome bench press for any age is your current weight.

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How much can the average 11 year old bench press?

I'm not sure how much an average 11 year old should be able to bench. But I am 11 and I can bench about 80-90 but I am a little stronger the an average 11 year old... Sooo I would say the average 11 year old should be able to bench about 60-75 pound. ๐Ÿ™‚

What age should kids work out?

I think they should start working out at age 15-16

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They shouldn't until they are of the legal age and a mature age to start driving

What age should children start school in Virginia?

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