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the youngest person to complete the london marathon was Ryder Hussey a 13 year old boy from Wales...

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Q: What age is the youngest person to complete London marathon?
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How long did Greg Billingham take to complete the London marathon?

It took Greg Billingham just over 7 days to complete the 2007 London marathon and 8 full days to complete the 2008 London marathon. He is the first person in the World to ever run a marathon in slow motion and really is the slowest runner in the World,

Who was the youngest person to finish the Dublin city Marathon ever?

well I didthe 1988 milenium marathon when I was 15

Who is the oldest person ever to complete the Boston Marathon?

"Buster" Martin @ 101 years old

What year was the first marathon?

The event was first run on 29 March 1981 and has been held in the spring of every year since. Since 2010, the race has been sponsored by Virgin Money, as the Virgin London Marathon. The 32nd London Marathon took place on 22 April 2012, and the 33rd is planned for 21 April 2013.

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