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You aske the question wrong. The answer is 18

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Q: What age is the youngest goalkeeper in professional soccer?
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Who was the youngest person to play a professional sport?

Freddy Adu played for D.C. United in major league soccer at age 14.

Who was the youngest professional athlete?

cassy rice age one

What is the peak age of professional soccer players?


Which professional-golfer is the youngest?

Jason Day is the youngest competitive player in the 2008 season at an age of 20.

Who is the youngest soccer player to retire?

I'm not very sure. But there was a 19 year old I heard, who was injured on his debut, and after the match, he retired from FOOTBALL, not soccer. Stanley Matthews retired from professional football at the root age of 50.

Who is the youngest soccer coach?

It's very difficult to account for all the teams in the world and their rosters and ages. The youngest active professional football coach to become champion is André Villas-Boas of FC Porto, at age 33.

Can you play professional soccer at age 12?

Actually the age is 18 years.

What is the age you have to be to play professional soccer?

I think the age that you have to be professional soccer is 1 years old. thats not very funny :L i actually wanna know the real answer

What is the youngest age to play soccer?

basically as soon as you have learned to walk and run

Youngest age for pro soccer player?

14 was the youngest a person played in the world cup. Dont know about other tournements.

What is the average age of a professional soccer player?

30 years old

What is the latest age to get into professional soccer?

i think some players have started as early as age 15

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