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all ages. pros ride 20

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Q: What age is a 20 inch bmx for?
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What age group is a 20 inch bmx suitable for?


What age is a 20.5 bmx bike for?

Depends what size you are im 5 feet 10 and i ride a 20 inch bmx bike

What size tire should a put 20 inch bmx bike?

A 20 inch tire.

What size bmx bike should a 5'1'' person buy?

Standard BMX's are 20 inches, so you should probably always get 20 inch BMX's.

What is BMX biking?

Bmx biking is riding a bike, usually with 20 inch wheel, and doing tricks and jumps with it.

What size is the standard bmx wheel?

20 Inch

What is the most common size for a bmx front wheel hub?

The most common size is 20 inch fir a bmx front wheel. 3/16 inch bearings are the most popular on bmx bikes.

What is the best size bmx for a 10 yr old boy?

Depends on what size he is i would say a 20 inch bmx bike.

What is a 20 inch bike?

A 20 inch bike is a bicycle that has wheels that are twenty inches in diameter. 20 inch bikes are popularly used in BMX racing, dirt jumping, vert ramp, and skatepark riding.

In freestyle bmx riding what size bike is used by the pros?

Pretty much all BMX bikes are the same size - 20 inch wheels.

How many pounds does a 20 inch bmx bike weigh?

It depends on the bike your getting. most wieght 20- 27 pounds

What size should be bmx bikes for 12 to 14 years old?

BMX bikes are pretty much all in the same size with 20-inch wheels, so if you're really getting a BMX there isn't much of a choice.

Are all bmx wheels the same size?

No, there are alot of different wheel sizes. its most likely a 20 inch

What size bmx frame issuitable for a 13 year old?

The HUGE majority of BMX bikes all use the same 20-inch wheels, which makes the frames very similar in size.

What are some sizes of bicycle wheels?

Bicycle wheels come in a variety of sizes with some popular bicycle wheel sizes being 26 inch, 27.5 inch, 29 inch and 20 inch. BMX bikes commonly have 20 inch wheels and mountain bikes commonly have the larger sizes mentioned.

What size bmx bike should you ride if you are 5' 4''?

JUst about all BMX bikes are built around 20-inch wheels, making them all very close to each other in size.

Information on bmx?

BMX stands for Bicycle moto-cross, because of the stunts performed on them. Most BMX bikes have 20 inch wheels with a 25-30 tooth front sprocket, that way you easily pedal fast and up steepembankment, like a half pipe or ramp. BMX bikes are easilymaneuverable and agile. Most are made from light-weight aluminum, weighing around 20-25 pounds. There are many great BMX companies, but one of the most popular companies is "Wethepeople".

How many centimeters tall is a 16 inch bmx?

16 inch is 40.6 centimetres.

Where can one purchase a 24 inch BMX?

One can purchase a 24 inch BMX bike from Amazon and the Bicycle Warehouse website has a buyers guide on choosing the right bike for ones needs. Amazon has a 24 inch BMX Diamondback Nitrus on sale for $299.99 in red with DB sound alloy platform pedals.

Is a 20 inch bike long?

There are several options to that question. If you're talking about frame size on a MTB, then 20" would be a large bike. If you're talking about 20" wheel size, then it's probably a BMX which is a fairly small bike.

What does NAG mean in BMX?

NAG is a term used in BMX racing. It stands for National Age Group. At the end of the season, if you have raced in Nationals, you will get a National Age Group position for your age.

What size bmx bike for a 12yr old?

Twenty inch fit Homan.

What is the difference between a 20 inch bike and a 26 inch bike?

The most obvious difference is that the 20" bike has 20" wheels and the 26" bike has 26" wheels. After that it's details like how the bikes are intended to be used. A 20" bike is likely to be a BMX, good for tricks, stunts and short courses, but not so sutiable for longer rides. A 26" bike isn't as nimble for tricks, but better at going faster and longer.

What is mark webb bmx age?


How tall is a BMX stunt bike?

All "true" BMX bikes are built for 20" wheels, which makes them very similar in size.