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Ages 12-13, PeeWee level

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Q: What age does checking become legal in Youth Hockey?
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How much does an amature ice hocky player get?

By "amateur", I assume you mean "youth". There is no (legal) professional youth ice hockey player. Should the youth receive any sort of compensation from his or her organization other than financial aid, they violate NCAA rules, and he or she would not be allowed to participate in NCAA athletics.

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What forms of checking are legal in box lacrosse?

Body Check, Stick Check. Playing without a stick is also allowed in Box Lacrosse but not in field lacrosse. Cross checking is legal in Box, but not from behind. Poke checking is illegal.

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In Mississippi, the legal age for a youth to drop out of school without parental consent is 17.

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Is there a specific bounce height for a field hockey ball?

No. The only specifications required for a legal hockey ball are the weight and size (and sometimes colour).

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How does a high school ice hockey player get suspended?

1. By breaking the rules of hockey in a major way. 2. For acedemic reasons. 3. For legal reasons.