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at the age of 7

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Q: What age do kids in Cuba start to play baseball?
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Past times in Cuba?

Many times in Cuba people play dominoes and very much baseball. Kids always dream of being professional baseball players.

What national aport do they play in cuba?


Is Cuba the second country to play baseball?


How many people in cuba play baseball?

a lot

What was the second country in the world to play baseball?


Which country was the second country in the world to play baseball?


What age can you start play baseball?

In some places they have Tee-ball teams for as young as kids 5 years old.

What kind of sports do Cuba play?

They play baseball, basketball and volleyball, they box, participate in track and field,

How many kids play baseball?

Over two million kids play baseball just in the US. its over 10 million in the world.

Is Cuba the first country to play baseball?

No. America was during the Civil War.

Why do hondurans play baseball?

hondurans play baseball so that there kids can have something else to do.

When do baseball play off start?

The 2009 baseball playoffs start on October 7.

What sports did kids play in the 1910s?

Usually kids in the 1910,s woulds play sports like Baseball and American Football.

What do kids learn before they learn to read baseball cards?

They look at the pitchers

What sport do they play in Cuba?

BoxingBaseball in CubaStreet Sports in CubaWater Sports in CubaAthletics in CubaAssociation football

When did black people start to play baseball.?

Jackie Chan was the first black to be believed to play baseball.

What were Jeff Brown's hobbies?

he loved to play baseball with his kids

What sport do japan kids play?

Sports like soccer and baseball are popular among Japanese kids.

Why did Willie Mays start to play baseball?

he enjoyed playing baseball

Does leonel marshall still play for cuba?

no he doesn't. He run away from Cuba because of the politics. For that he's not allowed to play for Cuba

What games do kids play in El Salvador?

they play soccer, tag, hide and seek, baseball and chess.

What year did Miguel Cabrera start play in baseball?

What year did Miguel Cabrera start playing baseball

What sport did kids play in 1900?

Baseball usually depending on where they lived

Do more kids play baseball or football?

hate to say it but football

How many kids play Super Baseball 2020?

Many, thats it