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Dale Jr. was 21 years old when he started racing in the Nascar Busch Series. He was 24 when he started Cup Series racing.

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2011-05-17 23:42:54
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Q: What age did Dale Earnhardt Jr. start Nascar racing?
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Is Dale Earnhardt Sr. in NASCAR Kart Racing?

He is not.

Who is Jeremy Earnhardt?

There is no Jeremy Earnhardt in Nascar racing. There is a Jeffrey Earnhardt. He is the son of Kerry Earnhardt and also Dale Jr's nephew.

Does Dale Earnhardt Jr. still race?

Yes, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is still racing in Nascar. He has been racing full time in the Cup Series since 2000.

What racing games does Dale Earnhardt Jr. play?

I think he plays Nascar 09.

How old was Dale Earnhardt Sr. when he started racing in Nascar?

Dale Sr. was 24 years old when he started his first Nascar race on May 25, 1975.

Did Dale Earnhardt Jr. drive a Ford in Nascar?

No. As long as he's been racing in Nascar, Dale Jr. has always driven a Chevrolet, whether it was in the Busch or Cup Series.

Why did Dale Earnhardt Sr. start racing?

He started racing because his father was a driver before him.

When did Dale Earnhardt Sr start his Nascar Cup Series career?

Dale Earnhardt Sr. made his Nascar Cup Series debut on May 25, 1975 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

When did Dale Earnhardt Jr. start Nascar Cup Series racing?

Dale Jr. started Cup Series racing in 1999. He drove five races that year. Junior's first ever start in the series was on May 30, 1999 at Lowe's Motor Speedway.

When did Dale Earnhardt Jr's Nascar career begin?

Dale Earnhardt Jr's Nascar firsts:First Busch Series race: June 22, 1996First Cup Series race: May 30, 1999Junior started racing full-time in the Nascar Cup Series in 2000.

Did Dale Earnhardt Jr. go to college to learn about Nascar racing?

No, he did not. Dale Jr. went to college and earned an Associates Degree in automotive technology.

When did Dale Earnhardt Jr. start racing in the Nascar Nationwide Series?

1996 In 1996, Dale Jr. competed in one race. He drove the full schedule in 1998 and 1999, winning the championship in both seasons. It was then known as the Nascar Busch Series.

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