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age 4

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Q: What age did Brett favre start playing football?
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When did Brett Favre start playing in the NFL?

Brett Favre's first season in the NFL was 1991.

What year did Brett Favre start pro football?

Brett Favre made his NFL debut in 1991 for the Atlanta Falcons.

Who did Brett Favre start with?

Atlanta Falcons

Will the vikings start Brett Favre?

why wouldn't they?

How many games did Brett favre start on monday night football?

Unless my math is bad. Brett has started 30 games and has a 16-14 record.

When did Brett Favre make his start as qb?


What year did Brett Favre start playing pro football?

1991. Drafted by the Atlanta Falcons (33rd overall), Favre was backup to Chris Miller and threw a grand total of four passes; two were intercepted. He was traded to Green Bay in 1992.

When did Brett Favre get his first start?

with the atlanta falcons in 1991.

Words descibing Brett Favre that start with e?

it is explosive

What year did Brett Favre start playing for the Vikings?

He started playing in 2009 only to play one short year and decide to retire in 2010

Did Brett favre ever take a knee to start a game?

Absolutely not

How many times has Brett Favre been sacked?

According to Database Football, as of the start of the 2007 season Favre had been sacked 424 times. One of those sacks was with Atlanta and 423 with the Packers.

Should you start Brett Favre over donavan mcnabb?

yes no doubt about it.

Will Brett Favre be cut?

No. As of February 2010, Rick Spielman (chief coordinator, Minnesota Vikings) says he want Brett Favre back another year. In addition, Brad Childress, the head coach of the Vikings team, is letting Brett Favre take his time regarding his future career: he will not give Brett Favre a deadline. Now, of course, its up to Brett Favre whether he continues his record-setting consecutive start streak by playing another year. Although he recently told ESPN he highly doubts his return, Favre has already "retired" twice in a row, so he may continue even if he says he has quit.

Who should you start Brett Favre or Drew Brees in week 12?

Drew Brees

How do you create Brett Favre on Madden 10 on PS3?

you shouldn't have to. if you connect to ps3 online and you start up madden 10 it will update the roster thus giving u Brett favre and players like Michael Vick.

What quarterback holds the record for Most completions in a career?

As of the start of the 2008 season, that would be Brett Favre with 5,377.

Should I start Brett Favre or Vince Young in Week 7?

I say Young! 2 thumbs up!

When did Brett Lee start playing cricket?


What team did Brett Favre play in his first start?

On September 27, 1992, Brett Favre of the Green Bay Packers started against the Pittsburgh Steelers in a game played at Lambeau Field. The Packers won 17-3. The game began Favre's record streak of 297 consecutive regular-season starts, which ended on December 13, 2010. Brett Favre was drafted and played his first NFL game for the Atlanta Falcons.

How long do you think Brett Favre will play in the NFL?

Brett Favre currently has one more year remaining on his 2 year contract with the Vikings. Whether or not he will complete the contract is anybody's guess. Most likely we will not know until right before the start of the '10 season.

What athletes start with the letter F?

Frank Gifford, Marshall Faulk, Brett Favre, Dan Fouts are famous football athletes. Frank Robinson, Bob Feller, Rollie Fingers and Whitey Ford are famous baseball athletes.

When did the world start playing football?

When did the world start playing football I think that the world started playing football in the Tutor times they used a inflated pigs stomach.

What year did auburn start playing football?

Auburn started playing football in 1892.

Did Brett Favre ever start a game for the Atlanta Falcons?

No. Brett played in relief in two games for the Falcons in 1991 (his only season with the Falcons) against the Los Angeles Rams and Washington Redskins.