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Q: What advantages do women have over men in sports?
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Related questions

What men advantages?

If you mean what advantages do men have over women I would say that not getting your period is up on the top of the list. However women have many advantages over men.

What advantages to men have over women in sport?

Men can play football (woman can but not to often) and baseball as girls play softball. There are many other advantages but that doesn't mean men are better athletes.

When did women start playing previous men's only sport?

When Title 9 was passed giving money to women’s sports programs in colleges more advantages resulted. Women playing in men’s only sports hasn’t really happened yet in pro sports. There are only 8 women who are coaching or officials. It is the same for women who are now fighter pilots and in combat positions this was only opened to women in recent years.

Does age affect men or women in sports?

If you are over 70 it is harded to do but if you are under it doesnt

Does Road Runner Sports offer women's shoes as well as men's?

Road Runner Sports is an excellent source for men's and women's shoes alike. They have an excellent selection with over 6500 pairs of shoes. They are also very affordable.

Who has more advantages men or women?

i think men cause they are strength than women

Why should pro sports be segregated by gender?

Because in the sports that require physical exertion the men will have an advantage over the women - in the VAST majority of cases.

What are the advantages men have over women?

Men are generally more stronger since the male has more testosterone which leads to stronger muscles for example.

Why do women think differently than men?

It's because men's and women's brains are differently built (and the cause is testosterone). Neither one is superior over-all, but they both have advantages.

Why is men sport airtime on TV more then woman sport airtime?

this is because men are better than women ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The sports that are shown on TV are driven primarily but the number of people that watch them and by who watches them. This information is used by the TV stations so they can know how much money to charge the advertisers for commercials. It is known that more men watch sports than do women. And it is known that men watch more men's sports than women's sports, therefore, a men's sporting event usually will have more viewers than a women's sporting event. And if there are more people watching that means the TV stations can charge more money for the commercials. So that is why you see more men's sports than women's sports on TV. It has nothing to do with whether men or women are better. Anybody that has watched women's sports knows that the level of competition and drama is just as good as men's sports.

When will women and men play sports together?

Co-Ed Sportsmen and women will be able to play sports togather when men realize that women are just as equal as them and realize that we wont get hurt when we play against them, we can actually beat them :) answered by a women.. (who loves sports)

Who has gone pro in the most sports?

Out of men and women, men have gone pro in the most sports.

Why do women get paid less the men in sports?

women get payed less than men in sports because men sports have higher attendance and larger network deals thus the orginozation has more money to pay the players

Are male sports or women sports viewed more?


How many NCAA sports?

There are 19 sports in men's and women's

What is the best sport magazine for women readers?

The ESPN is the best sports magazine for both women and men to read. The ESPN magazine has over 9,000,000 copies sold already and is one of the go to magazines for sports.

Is there any sports men cant that women can?

yes women can do anything like men but men are pathetically stronger

What sports are in Stanford college?

For Varsity sports: Baseball, Men's and Women's Baseball, Cross Country, Fencing, Field Hockey, Football, Men's and Women's golf, Men's and Women's Gymnastics, Women's Lacrosse, Men's and Women's Rowing, Women's Lightweight Rowing, Sailing, Men's and Women's Soccer, Softball, Squash, Men's and Women's Swimming & Diving, Synchronized Swimming, Men's and Women's Tennis, Track &Field, Men's and Women's Volleyball, Men's and Women's Water Polo and Wrestling

How many Olympic sports do man and women compete together?

12 sports are sared by men and women

Mixed teams of men and women in sports should be encoureged?

no, women should stay home and take care of the men who have actual talent and play sports

Why are women not good on sports?

Women are good on sports. The point is that men have 10 times more testosterone than hers. So, sports practiced by women must be completely separated than those practiced by men.

Why is men and women's sport separated?

men and women sports are separated so that women do not play as rough as men play. e.g. rugby or soccer

What sports do women like?

All the same sports as men,generally.

What are some sports at which women cannot compete?

Women can compete in any sport.They do not compete in certain sports against men because of the physiological differences between men and women.

Why do people think men are better at sports than women?

women can do everything men can do and they have stronger legs so women are better