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round. bouncy.

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Q: What adjectives describe basketball ball?
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What are some adjectives that describe a golf ball?

Adjectives that describe a golf ball include round, white, hard, strong, dimpled, and dangerous.

Do you have a list of adjectives that can describe basketball starting with A?

aerobic, athletic.

What are some adjectives that describe basketball and begin with the letter K?


What are some adjectives that describe basketball and begin with the letter B?


What are some adjectives for a basketball ball?

orange, hard, bouncy, large

Are colors adjectives?

adjectives are describing words, and colors describe things so yes, they are adjectives as the red ball).

How do you describe what basketball does?

Basketball is a sport where you try to put the ball through the hoop.

What are some adjectives that describe a ball?

soft, flexible, bouncing, round, dotted

What are some adjectives that describe the sun?

scorching. hot. ball of fire. and loads more .....

What adjectives describe lighten?

No adjectives describe lighten, which is a verb. Adjectives describe nouns and pronouns. Adverbs describe verbs.

What are some adjectives that describe food?

Adjectives are words used to describe a noun.Some adjectives that describe food are:attractivebadcolddeliciousgoodhotlovelysaltyscrumptioussoothingspicysweettastyyummy

What are some adjectives to describe a slide?

Adjectives that can describe a slide are:slantedslipperyslopedshortquickrusty

What adjectives that describe a park?

Some adjectives to describe a park are:largesmallurbanwildmanicuredneglectedfloweredrockysteepmountainousforestednaturalpubliccommercialwateramusement

What kind of adjectives are a and an?

They are not adjectives. Adjectives describe a word.

What are some adjectives to describe Jonas?

what are so adjectives to describe jonas

Which adjectives describe Madame Forestier?

In the Neclace, which adjectives describe Madame Forestier?

What are three adjectives used to describe a marsupial?

Three adjectives to describe a marsupial:mammalianfurrypouched

What adjectives describe Diwali?

The adjectives that describe Diwali are :illuminatinggrandoseincandescentvivaciousvirulent festivalfestival of diyas.elation.

What are some adjectives to describe a dog?

Here are some adjectives to describe a dog:activeadorableaffectionateaggressiveagilealertbigblackbravebrowncannycheerfulcourageouscutedetermineddignifieddominantelegantenergeticfearlessfluffyfriendlygentlegreyhappyhealthyinquisitiveintelligentlazylivelyloyalmischievousmuscularobedientoutgoingplayfulpurebredresponsiverobustshysmallsociablespiritedspottedsubmissivetimidwatchfulwhiteyoung

What are five adjectives used to describe fajitas?

five adjectives that describe fajitas

Can you give adjectives that describe a region?

Some adjectives to describe a geographical region are:hotcolddryhumidaridpopulouslonelyvastdiversemountainousverdantstark

What do adjectives and and adverbs do?

Adjectives modify (describe) nouns. Adverbs modify (describe) verbs.

What are three adjectives to describe Abraham Lincoln?

what are three adjectives that describe Abraham lincoln

What adjectives describe the word thirst?

Adjectives that describe thirst might include:his or hertheirburningdemandinggreatminorquenchedunquenchablerelievedunrelievedsatisfiedterribleunrelenting

What ing verbs describe tigers?

Verbs don't describe. Adjectives describe.Some adjectives that describe tigers are:dangerouslargeendangeredferocious