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just like the sweet spot is the strongest part of the bat the grain is the weakest part so when a massive amount of force is implied the bat can break.

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Q: What actually causes some of the bats to break in baseball?
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What causes some baseball bats to break?

If a dinosaur bit it in two.

Do baseball bats really have to break in?


What actually causes some of the bats to break?

because pitchers throw the ball really hard and batters swing the bat hard, when the 2 meet the bat cracks

How many baseball bats did Hank Aaron break?


How many baseball bats did Babe Ruth break?


What causes some bats to break?

Thick wood like a baseball bat is not very flexible so when the ball hits the bat and it bends farther than it can the bat will snap

How many bats break in a Major League Baseball season?

71,239 in the 2009 season.

Why are aluminium bats not allowed in college baseball?

Actually, aluminum bats (and those made from other alloys) are, indeed, allowed for play in college baseball.

Why do baseball bats break?

Wood bats are broken when hit with incorrectly, or if they were previously hit with incorrectly and the next contact breaks the bat.

Do you need to break a baseball bat in?

It depends if it is a Catalyst you need to break it in other bats you do not not a alloy aluminum bat but a composite bat like cf4 freak b2 dabomb and others those bats you have to

What is harder maple or hickory?

It's preference, however, ash is a better performing wood for baseball bats. Maple bats require more water density to be removed from bat in order to make light enough to use. This causes the maple bats to become brittle and break easier. I love the Akadema and rawlings bats best. Both are hand selected.

What is the difference between bats used in the major leagues and bats used in college baseball?

In the MLB, they use wooden bats and are able to break easier. In college, they use drop 3 bb core's and they're also metal, it's also harder to break. If you want to look at the bats, go to and search bb core.