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Well if you're teaching a sports camp you might want to do sports.








Dodge Ball


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Q: What activities can you do in a sports camp when you are teaching it?
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What are some activities offered to teens who choose to attend a summer weight loss camp?

There are a number of activities that are offered to teens who choose to attend a summer weight loss camp. Some of the many activities that are offered are hiking, zumba, group sports, biking as well as personal training.

Should you start sports camp?

This is a great question, sports camp is really fun and i really recemend it.

What activities can you participate in at fat camp?

swimming,cardio sports like basketball football depending on you like to do different activities, in order to have fun while losing weight and becoming healthier every day

What goods are available at The Sports Authority?

The Sports Authority sells good related to sport and outdoor activities. They sell clothes, sport equipment, camp equipment, kayaking equipment, and other similar goods.

Who thinks the use of social media in teaching and learning is effective?

Social media - is for social activities, it is not best suited for teaching and learning activities.

Is Camp Anokijig a good camp?

Any overnight camp for kids is good if it has good food and fun activities.

What has the author Harold Laverne Camp written?

Harold Laverne Camp has written: 'Scales for measuring results of physics teaching' -- subject(s): Grading and marking (Students), Study and teaching, Physics, Teaching, Evaluation

What are some awesome camp activities?

telling scary stories around the camp fire

How do lifestyle activities differ from sports activities?

Sports activities will consist of any form of exercise IE hockey. The lifestyle activities will include working, socializing, smoking and drinking and so on. Hope this helped.

Do you know what the people who lead us in our activities at camp are called?

These are usually called camp counselors.

Revised basic education curriculum in the Philippines?

Integration method, collaborative teaching, peer teaching, team teaching, motor activities, visual as well as oral activities in classes observed. Mentoring is also being practiced.

Where can I find adventure activities in Mumbai?

If you are looking for sports activities in and around Mumbai, there are many options available for sports activities. You just have to look at the passionately. There are some fun sports and adventure activities spread across the city. I want to share my experiences with you. In Mumbai, Lonavala is the city of joy. For fun sports and adventure activities Della Adventure Park in Lonavala is the remarkable place. This amusement park consists a lot of popular adventurous sports, like Swoop Swing, ATV Rides, water sports, thrilling and heart pumping adventure activities, etc., people like most.

What activities do they do at Camp Green Lake?

Digging holes.

What are the release dates for Effin Sports Camp - 2007?

Effin Sports Camp - 2007 was released on: USA: 2007 (Moondance Film Festival) (premiere)

What does a summer camp director do?

direct people in to making good choices and organize camp, also activities

Who is the activity director at camp half blood?

Chiron, a centaur was the activities director at Camp Half Blood.

How many sports activities are there?


What are popular camp activities?

popular camp activities are bike trails,swimming,skiing,archery,and ziplining.Josalyn Abagail Kennedy

Do children exercise at camp?

The types of physical activities that children get involved in at camp varies. Before sending your child to camp, ask the staff about the types of activities your child will be involved in. Sometimes, camps can tailor the experience to meet your childs needs as well.

What is activity method of teaching?

activity method in which teacher and taught work together through activities,forms out activities,and tries to involve in these activities.

What do you call people who picks the activity for a camp?

Activities director

Does camp greystone have girls lacrosse?

Yes they offer a variety of sports including lacrosse(if we are talking about the same camp)

Should Contact Sports be banned?

No, there is risk in many activities, not just contact sports.

Sports and games for physical activities?


Who was most interested in sports activities?