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Equestrian events.

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Q: What activities are involved in dressage?
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Is dressage timed?

No dressage is not timed

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What is a dressage saddle?

a special show saddle made for dressage horses in dressage compatitions

Are piaffes part of dressage?

it is a dressage move

How do you train for better horse dressage?

Just train your horse in dressage. You can improve your Howrse's dressage through dressage training, competitions (all increase dressage), and through lessons if your horse has dressage as one of his best 2 skills.

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What has the author Jane Kidd written?

Jane Kidd has written: 'A festival of dressage' -- subject(s): Dressage 'Practical dressage' -- subject(s): Dressage

What is a dressage horse?

There are no "dressage horses" but some breeds are used for dressage more than others,, e.g. you would probably use a warmblood rather than a cob. But basically, a dressage horse is a horse that does dressage :)

Does Classical Dressage have an age limit if you are going to start it as a career?

No, Classical Dressage and Dressage does not have an age limit. I've heard of one Olympic Dressage rider who still performs in his 80s! So you can have Classical Dressage or Dressage as a career as long as you are healthy and physically fit.

What rhymes with massage?

visage dressage passage - (a dressage movement)

What horses are used for dressage?

FrisiansThoroughbredsAny horse can be used for Dressage.

Where can you watch dressage?

Either youtube or at your local dressage stable

What gait is NOT performed in Dressage?

gallop is not performed in dressage tests.

How many levels of dressage are there?

Their are 18 competitive levels in dressage

What is a horses dressage?

Dressage is a French term for training a horse.

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