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Q: What action is required with a slow down offense in basketball?
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What do the offense player do in basketball?

they dribble down the court and try to score

What is a simple to learn youth basketball offense?

Get a basketball hoop and shoot the ball around. Or have a private lesson to get the basics down.

What is a down in football?

A down is a cetain time of pessesion method in football each offense have 4 downs to gain more yards in but if the offense doesn't gain the required yards in a certain down. they may have to punt the ball.

In the game of basketball they plaryer that brings the ball down and runs the offense is called the?

That player is called the point guard.

In basketball what is the position for each player?

the two people in the front of the court on defense or on offense is called a quard the person who brins the ball down on offense is called the point guard the two people playing down low are called forwards and usually the tallest person on the court plays in the center which is called the center in defense and offense

What does a defensive pointguard do in a basketball game?

Pointguards traditionally run a teams offense. When a team has a defensive pointguard, they are able to easily defend an opposing teams pointguard. Thus, slowing down, or stopping a teams offense.

What is basketball theory?

Basically, on offense, you have to dribble the ball down to your side of the court and find a way to get the ball down to the goal and shoot and make it in the basket. On defense, you have to stop the other team from shooting the ball into the basket. If you steal the ball you go back to what I told you to do on offense.

What is a 8 second rule in basketball?

When the offensive team has eight seconds to get the ball down to the other half side of the court to play offense.

What is the five position of the basketball?

guard -left and right of arc forward-lower center-explains itself point guard- brings the ball down when on offense

What muscle is the prime mover and it's correct muscle action involved in pulling down a rebound in a basketball game?

latismus dorsi

How many downs does the offense get to make a first Down?

Four. If a first down is not reached by forth down, an offense with usually punt, or attempt a field goal.

Basketball up and down?

Bouncing a basketball up and down is called dribbling.

What is a gaurd in basketball?

The guard is, in defense, the person who stands in the front. When the offense dribble the ball down, the guard is the first able to contact the ball. They stand in the front of the box, the part closest to the half court line.

What is a press in the basketball?

Actually a press is when a competition between two teams are versing each other, and when the game is starting to get out of hand the defensive side tries to slow the offense down by stopping/slowing down the guards from getting out of the back court. It also depends in what type of league your playing in to the amount of pressing you can do and when you may press the offense.

What makes basketball a sport?

A sport is generally considered something that involves action and skill. Basketball involves running up and down the court while making crucial decisions on how to score, whether it be to pass the ball to a teammate for a good shot or to drive in for a layup.

How is technology used in basketball?

the cameras that record the games, the timers that count down the seconds a player is allowed to keep the ball, you can also replay the action if the refs are unsure about a play.

How do you move the basketball up and down the court?

you have to dribble the ball up and down the court because if you walk with the basketball you will be travelling.

How do you get a first offense misdemeanor dismissed in nc?

You probably cannot, although you may try to plead it down to a lesser offense.

How does gravity affect the bounce of a basketball?

Gravity affects the bounce of a basketball because if there is gravity, the basketball will come back down after it bounces. But if there is no gravity, the basketball will bounce and travel indefinitely upwards and never come back down until a gravitational force pulls the basketball towards it.

Where is the short corner in basketball?

The space between the block and the 3-point line. This spot when undefended opens up a lot of cut space and skipping vision. In order to defend against an offense utilizing the short corner, keep the ball off of it, or bump the cutter going to the short corner to slow down the pace of the offense and deny the ball going there completely.

What happens on the fourth down in football?

If the offense team misses or failed to gain 10 yards, the defense will take over the ball thus changing the defense to be on offense and offense to be on defense.

How do you play a basketball?

First of all, the sport is called basketball. Not a basketball. The objective is to dribble the ball down the court and shoot with your hands into the basketball net.

What are the ways to shoot in basketball?

You bent down and hold your hands on the side of the ball (If your a kid) If your not a kid then bent down hold one hand on the bottom of the basketball and the other on the side of the basketball. Then, Jump! and aim the basketball properly!

How high does one dribble a basketball?

by moving your hand up and down on the basketball

How do you get a Goliath basketball hoop down?

saw it down or lower it