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Q: What acc basketball team made biggest comeback in under 1 minute?
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How long did basketball game last under the oringinal rules?

three 20-minute periods

How long did a basketball game last under the original rules?

two 15-minute halves you should go to hopkins

How long does under 15s football match last?

In College Basketball, they play two 20 minute halves, so 40 minute games.

How does a basketball under high pressure compared to a basketball under low pressure?

There are more particles of gas.

How long did basketball game last under original rules?

three 20-min. periods

What is the branch of science to which basketball belongs?

The motion of a basketball falls under the heading of kinematics.

What is the biggest comeback in NCAA football history?

Texas Tech in 2007 - 31 pointsMaryland in 1984 - 31 points (v Bernie Kosar and Univ of Miami) Frank Reich was the QB. He also engineered the biggest comeback in NFL play off history. He was a back up when he did both.BYU in 1980 - (v SMU and Craig James/Eric Dickerson aka the Pony Express). I dont know the biggest deficit but BYU was down 45-25 with under 4 minutes and won 46-45.

What is the biggest port under the Mughals?

Surat is the biggest port of Mughals.

Who makes basketball socks?

Nike and Under Armor are two companies that make basketball socks.

What are the biggest sports events in the us?

1./Football 2./Basketball 3./Soccer 4./Baseball 5./Gymnastics For more information go to this website under:

What is the NFL recored for most touchdowns under a minute?

Patriots vs jets 3 tds in a minute

What is the ring on the floor under the basket in basketball?

10 foot