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Yes this could be pregnancy related. Perform a HPT.

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Q: What about constantly hard and mildly sore nipples rather than sore or enlarged breasts combined with a late period could that be a sign of pregnancy?
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Is being nauseas and having cramps and enlarged breasts symptoms of a period?

The cramps and enlarged breasts are signs of period, but with nausea it is more a sign of pregnancy

Why could your breasts be sore and enlarged?

You may be pregnant. This is definitely a sign of early pregnancy.

Did Kari Byron have breast implants?

No. She did, however, have a child, and her breasts enlarged as a result of her pregnancy.

Do pregnancy pills make breasts bigger?

The combined contraceptive pill will make your breasts bigger...

Do breasts grow during pregnancy?

It all depends on your body but most women do receive enlarged breast during pregnancy.

Can you be pregnant and not have sore enlarged breasts?

Yes, I didn't have either with my first pregnancy. I am 6 weeks pregnant with my second and still no sore breasts.

When do your breasts become sore during pregnancy?

During the first weeks of pregnancy the breasts will become enlarged and sore. However the pain should go away by the end of the first trimester.

What happens to your breasts in the first trimester of pregnancy?

they become sore and enlarged. and just very prominent. lol enjoy!

Was jayne mansfield's breasts enlarged?

no her breasts were real

Can you get breasts enlarged?

Yes, by surgical implants.

What Medications can cause men to have enlarged breasts?


Will your breasts leak in the beginning of pregnancy?

No, breasts leak in the latter part of pregnancy.

Does a milky substance and enlarged breasts mean that you are pregnant?


Why are your breasts enlarged?

cause the milk lands become larger

Why do women do breast enlargment?

Because they want to get their breasts enlarged.

What is the term for overly developed or enlarged breasts in a male?


What secondary sex characteristic does estrogen produce in women?

The female secondary sex characteristics are enlarged breasts, developed clitoris, menstrual cycles. The visible one is the enlarged breasts.

If your breasts itch is that a sign of pregnancy?

no it is not a sign pregnancy

Is warm breasts a sign of pregnancy?


Do your breasts get sore during pregnancy?


When do you get bras?

we get bras when we get enlarged breasts and we wear bras to prevent it fro<m saging

At what point in pregnancy do breasts hurt?

The beginning

Darkening of breasts a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, it can be.

How does your breasts get bigger?

-After pregnancy -by eating a lot

Is headaches a symptom of pregnancy?

You can have headaches during pregnancy but it is not necessarily a sign of pregnancy. Your signs of pregnancy most commonly include: * missed period * tender/swollen breasts * change in color of the breasts * fatigue