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László Jenei, István Hevesi, Dezső Gyarmati, Kálmán Markovics, Tivadar Kanizsa, István Szívós, György Kárpáti, Ottó Boros, Mihály Mayer, Antal Bolvári, Ervin Zádor and Miklos Martin - Water Polo, men's team competition

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Hungarian men's national water polo team is considered to be the best in the world. They have won 9 Olympic gold's, 3 world championships and 3 world cups.

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Q: What about Hungarian water polo national team?
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Egypt men's national water polo team 2008-2009?

2deny fe el 2ola WA 2oly ya 7alola this is what eygptian water polo team represent to me and to the world actually btw im a water polo player in the eygptian team

Who is the all-time Olympic water polo champion?

The national water polo team with the most gold medals at the Olympics to date is Hungary with 8.

What is Brandon Brooks?

Brandon Brooks - CoachBrandon Brooks is the head coach of the women's water polo team at UCLA. He was the goalie for the UCLA water polo team and the 2008 U.S. National teams.

When was Galatasaray Men's Water Polo Team created?

Galatasaray Men's Water Polo Team was created in 1910.

The water polo team is in a pool They are not getting wet What kind of pool are they in?

The water polo team is in a car pool.

What is Australia's men's water polo team called?

The nickname for the Australian mens water polo team is the Aussie Stingers

Do the same people play water polo in the Olympics?

Each year the USA National team is chosen based on a selection process approved by the US Olympic Committee and USA Water Polo Inc. So the answer to your question is no, each year the team changes

Who is the worlds oldest Olympian?

The Hungarian Sándor Tarics is the oldest living olympian, he is 99 years old. He was a center in the water polo team of Hungary, they've won a gold medal at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Is there a professional US water polo team?


Is water polo a team sport?

yup!!!!!!! its all about team work :D

How many substertuts for each team in water polo?

6 on each team

Name 3 members of the Australian water polo team?

Three members of the Australian Men's Water Polo Team are Luke Quinlivan, James Stanton, and Robert Maitland. Three members of the Australian Women's Water Polo Team are Alicia McCormack, Emma Knox, and Gemma Beadsworth.