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Tampa Bay Legends

Tampa Bay Warriors

Tampa Bay Inferno

Tampa Bay Spirit

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Q: What aau basketball teams are in the Tampa Bay area?
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Are there Any soccer league teams for kids in the Tampa Bay area?

not professional except if you mean by kid you mean 18 or older. but there are competitive teams in Tampa Bay

How many basketball teams from Florida are in the NBA?

There are currently two teams in Florida: The Florida Panthers, and The Tampa Bay Lightning

How many NHL teams dose flodia have?

How many NHL teams has Florida

what is a sport team in Florida?

Tampa Bay - Buccaneers Miami - Dolphins Green Bay - Packers

What pro NFL teams nickname is called 1.00 for corn?

A Tampa Bay player is a Buccaneer ("buck an ear").

What are the famous sports of Florida?

College Teams: Florida State Seminoles, Miami Hurricanes, Florida Gators, Bulls (southern florida) Profesional Teams: Florida Marlins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Lightning There are more but there are some for you.

What are the NFL teams located in Florida?

Jacksonville Jaguars Miami Dolphin Tampa Bay Buccaneers

What are the Florida NFL teams?

Tampa Bay - Buccaneers Miami - Dolphins Green Bay - Packers

How many hotels are there in Tampa Bay?

According to Expedia, there is about 158 hotels in the Tampa Bay area. Some hotels that can be found in the Tampa Bay area cost anywhere from $93 a night to $180 a night.

Is Tampa north of Sarasota?

No, the City of Sarasota is not a part of Tampa. However, Sarasota is considered to be in the "Tampa Bay Area" region of the U.S. State of Florida.Simple English:Sarasota is in the "Tampa Bay Area"

Why does Bay appear in the franchise name Tampa Bay Buccaneers when the city is Tampa Florida?

Tampa Bay comes from where Tampa is. They call it the Tampa Bay area because it is right near the bay of the Gulf of Mexico. I know this because I live in Pinellas County which is right below Tampa

What pro teams do not end with a s?

The professional men's sports teams that do not begin with an s are these teams. Minnesota Wild (Hockey) Miami Heat (Basketball) Orlando Majic (Basketball) Colorado Avalanche (Hockey) Boston Red Sox (Baseball) Chicago White Sox (Baseball) Utah Jazz (Basketball) Tampa Bay Lightning (Hockey) los angles galaxy