What Yankee wore number 6?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The first baseball team to use numbers on uniforms was the 1916 Cleveland Indians when they wore small numbers on the sleeves of their uniforms, as a way of identifying the players. This practice was short lived.

in 1929 the New York Yankees decided to wear numbers to the backs of their jerseys. The numbers corresponded to each player's general position in the lineup.for example Babe Ruth wore No. 3, since he usually batted third, and Lou Gehrig wore No. 4 as he batted fourth.

High numbered uniforms such as 60 is typically issued to a rookies or a player that is not expected to make the team at the begining of the year. Some players chose to keep their number when they make the big Leagues. Here is a list of Yankee players that have worn uniform number 60 for the New York Yankees. * Jim Narrujo * Jim Fink * Bill Olsen * Brian Dayett * Bert Bradley * Rick Balabon * Paul Zuvella * Chris Alvarez * Mike Humphreys * Jim Mecir * Tim McIntosh * Darrell Einertson * Nick Johnson * Hipolito Pena * Brandon Knight * J.T. Snow * Brandon Claussen * Eric Almonte * Julio De Paula (2003) * Michael Hernandez (2003) * Sam Marsonek (2004) * Felix Escalona (2004) * Wil Nieves (2005)

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Tony Lazzeri

Tommy Henrich

Andy Carey

Clete Boyer

Deron Johnson

Brian Little

Roy White

Jack Clark

Ken Griffey Sr.

Steve Sax

Rick Cerone

Mike Pagliarulo

Randy Velarde

Tony Fernandez

Mickey Mantle(he only worn it for awhile)

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Players who wore #60 for the Patriots are:

Aaron Lavarias 2011

Rich Ohrnberger 2011

Wilbert Brown 2003

Garrett Johnson 2000

Scott Rehberg 1997-1998

Marion Hobby 1990-1992

Garin Veris 1985-1988

Luther Henson 1984

Bob Hyland 1977

David Tipton 1975-1976

Len St. Jean 1964-1973

Rommie Loudd 1961-1962

Bob Lee 1960

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Q: What Yankee wore number 6?
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