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Candice Michelle, Melina, Trish Stratus, Chyna, Mickie James ,Lita ,Kelly Kelly

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Q: What WWE diva had a sex tape?
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Do wwe diva lita had a sex tape?

No she does not.

Does WWE diva maryse have a sex tape?


Is there any WWE diva with a sex tape?

chyna candice michell and mickie james

Does Nikki Bella have a sex tape?

Nikki Bella, also known as Nicole Garcia-Colace, is a WWE Diva and model along with her twin sister Brianna. It does not appear that she has made a sex tape.

Does WWE diva Bella twins have a sex video?


Which wwe superstar have a sex tape?


Is there really a sex tape with WWE chyna?


Is john Morrison married to a WWE diva?

No, he is not married to a WWE Diva. But he is dating WWE Diva, Melina.

Can you be a wwe diva now?

You have to sign a contract to be a WWE diva

Was WWE'S Lilian Garcia a Diva?

Lilian is considered a WWE Diva

Who is the lightest WWE diva?

The lightest WWE Diva is AJ Lee

What was WWE divas Melina sextape name?

She doesn't have a sex tape!

Is WWE diva Natalia's mom a diva too?

No Ellie (Naytala's mom was never a WWE Diva

Is kelly kelly a WWE diva?

Yes. Kelly Kelly is a WWE Diva

When was WWE Diva Search created?

WWE Diva Search was created in 2003.

Is WWE diva kelly kelly like to strip?

No. She is not a porn star. She is a WWE Diva

What happened to WWE Diva Kelly Kelly?

wwe diva Kelly Kelly got released from the wwe for a bit!

What is the sexual orientation of WWE Diva Kelly Kelly?

WWE Diva Kelly Kelly is heterosexual.

When did WWE Diva Search end?

WWE Diva Search ended on 2005-08-15.

I was wandering if the game will have more superstars on the roster and one of the superstars asked a wwe diva to marry him and she said yes.and have a wedding and she becomes his manager.?

no hes already married to Stephanie McMahon.they had a baby and a sex tape on youtube!

Isn't the most hottest WWE diva Maria?

No way Kelly Kelly is.She is sexy sexy sexy hot.I would makeout with her all night long, or even have sex with her because she is the hottest WWE diva

Is WWE diva Michelle Mcool still in WWE?

No she is not

Is Melina a WWE Superstar?

No, Melina is a WWE Diva.

How do you enter the WWE diva search to become a diva?


What is a diva in a pop world?

A wwe diva pop star