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Q: What US president was blind in his left eye because he enjoyed boxing?
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Was Theodore Roosevelt ever blind?

One eye was blinded during a recreational boxing match while he was the President. The injury was kept secret from the public.

What is the name of the movie where the boy is blind and his dad dies after a boxing match?


What are Theodore Roosevelt's physical characteristics?

he ws blind in the left eye from a boxing accident.

How did Theodore Roosevelt become blind?

He became blind in one eye after taking a blow in a boxing match while President. The injury was kept secret from the public. Roosevelt often took part in recreational sports at the White House, such as tennis, but also martial arts.

Did Theodore roosevelt hurt him self in any way?

He once broke his arm while fox hunting; he enjoyed trying to gross out his children with his crippled arm when he got home. While President of the United States, TR practiced martial arts and boxing in the White House and often got bumps and bruises from that activity. At one point, he sustained an eye injury while boxing at the White House that left him basically blind in one eye; the injury was kept secret from the public.

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A president who was blind in one eye?

Theodore Roosevelt.

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