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Justin Knox wore it for the 2010-2011 season.

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Q: What UNC men's basketball players have worn jersey number 25?
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What duke university mens basketball players wore jersey number 5?

Right now it's my man Mason Plumlee :)

Which Maryland terrapins mens basketball player wore jersey number 15?

Len bias

What Kentucky mens basketball players wore number 35?

Kevin Grevey wore # 35.

Who wore the Michigan Wolverines mens basketball team jersey number thirty-two in the past?

erving johnson

What Kentucky mens basketball player wore number 32?

There were two players who shared number 32 for Kentucky. They are Jared Prickett and Richie Farmer.

What college mens basketball team has sent the most players to the NBA?

I believe it the UNC

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What Kentucky mens basketball players wore number 12?

Twenty different players have worn the #12 jersey for the Kentucky men's basketball team:Ellis JohnsonMarion CluggishVincent SplaneErnest SparkmanRalph BeardBilly Ray CassadyAl RobinsonTed DeekenFrank TullyJim LeMasterTom ParkerLarry JohnsonBo LanterDeron FeldhausRodrick RhodesTodd TackettBernard CotePreston LeMasterMark KrebsBrandon Knight

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Who are the Ohio state mens basketball players that have recorded a triple double?

Dennis Hopson 1986

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Who wore University of Kansas Jayhawks Mens Basketball Jersey No5?

Depends on the year: Charlie Hoag, Guy Mabry,and Terry Nooner have all worn that number

Who are the starting players for gonzaga mens basketball this year?

Your dad just kidding but i don't know Sorry

Who wore the Michigan Wolverines mens basketball team jersey number twenty-four in the past?

Ray Jackson of the fab five Ray Jackson wore number 21. Jimmy King wore number 24

What Kentucky mens basketball player wore number 25?

Anthony epps

Who was on the 1998 Arizona mens basketball roster?

Who was on the 1998 Arizona mens basketball roster?

Who was on team USA's mens basketball team in Beijing China?

---- Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade and other players == ==

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Just create a new team and add all players to the roster. The computer will duplicate the players for this squad.

Which two current Syracuse mens basketball star players are from Niagara Falls ny?

Johnny Flynn and Paul Harris

Wh wore number 21 for Kentucky mens basketball team?

Tayshaun Prince

What is the Number of teams in mens ncaa basketball tourney?

68, with 4 play-in games

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What is the same of mens basketball and women basketball?

everything is the same except the three point line is farther away in mens basketball

How many basketball players in the NCAA mens basketball?

There is really no answer for this. Since players are constanty joining the NCAA every year. It changes every year. my guess would be close to 500-ish. Since there are many teams.

Is Kentucky a good basketball school?

Its a GREAT basketball school & has a GREAT Mens basketball program. They have so many people to show up to their mens games its unbelievable. Their fans are fun and its very fun to chant the whole entire game to get the players fired up too win!