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Hull city fc; wolverhampton fc

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Boston United FC

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Q: What UK football team has black and orange team colors?
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What are the colors of the gator football team?

Orange and blue.

What nfl team has black and orange colors?

The Cleveland Browns use brown, orange and white as their team colors.

What are the team colors of the Cincinnati Reds?

The colors of the Cincinnati Bengals apparel are Orange and Black. Since a Bengal tiger, the mascot of the team, has orange and black stripes, the team takes it's colors to be the official colors of it's apparel.

What football team has green and black for colors?

Green Bay,but there colors have green,black,yellow,and white if that answers the questionor there maybe no team with those colors...SORRY :(

What are the Browns football team colors?

The Clevleland Browns are Orange and Brown.

What orisha has the colors orange and black?

Princeton athletic club- it"s The Tiger Team.

What does the color black and gold means?

Black and Gold are the two colors that represent the football team(the Saints)

What are the main colors of the titan football team?

i have no idea i think blue red and black

What were the colors of New York Giants Baseball team?

orange black cream

What are football colors of sligo?

Their Gaelic Football colours are black, with some white. Their soccer team normally play in red.

What are the team colors of the Washington wizards?

The colors of the Washington Nationals are red, navy, and white.

What colors does Chicago Bears slippers come in?

Chicago Bears slippers come in the colors burnt orange, white, and navy blue. These are the exact color that represent that Chicago Bears football team.