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Most likely Elvis Andrus in the 2010 season before he got a haircut.

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Q: What Texas ranger player wore biggest hat?
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During the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the actual actors and actresses that played the Power Rangers meaning Jason David Frank, Walter Jones, Amy Jo Johnson, David Yost, Thuy Trang and Austin St. John were responsible for wearing their Ranger suits for American-filmed scenes whereas for scenes that were previously shot in Japan, Seiji Takaiwa wore the Green Ranger suit, Naoki ÅŒfuji wore the Black Ranger suit, Kiyohito Nakagawa wore the Pink Ranger suit, Shoji Hachisuka wore the Blue Ranger suit, Hirofumi Ishigaki wore the Yellow Ranger suit and Hiroshi Maeda wore the Red Ranger suit.

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