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As of August, 2010, Carlos Pena has hit 140 home runs for Tampa Bay.

As of the end of the 2007 season, the all time home run leader in Devil Ray history is Aubrey Huff who hit 128 home runs in 799 games between 2000-2006.

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Carlos Pena

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Q: What Tampa Bay Rays player with most home runs?
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What is the most home runs hit in a single game by the Tampa rays?

15 home run

Who holds the single season record for most saves in a season by a Tampa Ray player?

Rafael Soriano with 45 saves for the 2010 Rays.

Who has the most regular wins Tampa Bay Rays or Philadelphia Phillies?


What are the Tampa Tay Rays' rival team?

The Tampa Bay Rays have more than one rival team. They are in the Eastern Division. The most accurate rival teams are the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.

Who has the most home runs for the 2009 season?

Through games played on May 12, that is Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals and Carlos Pena of the Tampa Bay Rays, each with 13.

What is the most popular MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL jersey?

Carlos Pena #23 Go Tampa Bay Rays

MLB team most come from behind wins in a season?

the Tampa Bay Rays and the Oakland Athletics are tied with 18

What's the most runs scored by Tampa Bay Rays?

At the start of the 2008 season, the Rays team record for most runs scored in a game is 19 against the Yankees in 2006 and the Blue Jays in 2004. The Rays record for most runs scored in an inning is 11 against the Mariners in 2000.

Who is Tampa Bay Rays career leader in triples?

Carl Crawford has the record for most triples in a season (19 in 2004) and in a career (105)

Who are the redsox rivals with?

New York yankess(most hated riverly) , Tampa bay devil rays , Baltimore orioles and philadolpha phillies

What Tampa Bay player has the most strikeouts?

Single Season: Scott Kazmir with 239 in 2007 All time: Scott Kazmir with 874 Scott Kazmir does not play with the Rays anymore. He currently plays with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Which Major League Baseball team has the cheapest ticket?

probably the team that loses the most so i guess it's the Tampa bay devil rays