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Super Bowl XXII played January 31, 1988 and won by Washington 42-10.

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Q: What Super Bowl was Denver vs Washington?
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Who holds rushing yards record in the Super Bowl?

Timmy Smith, rb Washington Redskins- Super Bowl XXII vs the Denver Broncos

What Super Bowl was Denver Broncos vs NY Giants?

Super bowl XXI (21).

Who won green bay vs Denver Broncos super bowl?

The Denver Broncos defeated the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XXXII, 31-24.

How many missed extra points have occurred in Super Bowl history?

Two-One in Super Bowl XVIII (Wash vs. LA Raiders) and one in Super Bowl XXIV (San Fran vs. Denver)

Who rushed for 200 yards in a Super Bowl game?

Timmy Smith rushed for 204 in Super Bowl 22 vs the Denver Broncos

How many safeties were scored in Super Bowl history?

Throughout Super Bowl history there have been 9 safeties. They are as follows:Dwight White, Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IXReggie Harrison, Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XHenry Waechter, Chicago Bears vs. the New England Patriots Super Bowl XXGeorge Martin, New York Giants vs. the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXIBruce Smith, Buffalo Bills vs. the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXVJustin Hartwig, Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl XLIIITom Brady, New England Patriots vs. the New York Giants Super Bowl XLVISam Koch, Baltimore Ravens vs. the San Francisco Super Bowl XLVIICliff Avril, Denver Broncos vs. the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVII

When did falcon win Super Bowl?

Falcons never won a super bowl, but they play in super bowl 33 vs. Denver broncos. They lost 34-19. John Elway was MVP.

How many quarterbacks have lost a Super Bowl with two different teams?

Three quarterbacks have lost the Super Bowl with two different teams. They are: Craig Morton 0-2 in Super Bowl play Lost Super Bowl V with the Dallas Cowboys vs. Baltimore Colts Lost Super Bowl XII with the Denver Broncos vs. Dallas Cowboys Kurt Warner 1-2 in Super Bowl play Won Super Bowl XXXIV with the St. Louis Rams vs. Tennessee Titans Lost Super Bowl XXXVI with the St. Louis Rams vs. New England Patriots Lost Super Bowl XLIII with the Arizona Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Peyton Manning 1-2 in Super Bowl play Won Super Bowl XLI with the Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears Lost Super Bowl XLIV with the Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans Saints Lost Super Bowl XLVIII with the Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks

What player had two interceptions in the Super Bowl vs the Atlanta Falcons?

Darrien Gordon of the Denver Broncos.

Have the Atlanta Falcons ever gone to the Super Bowl?

The Atlanta Falcons to this day have only made one Super Bowl appearance which was at Super Bowl XXXIII vs the Denver Broncos. Unfortunatly they were defeated 34-19.

Who played in 2014 super bowl?

(Denver) Broncos vs. (Seattle) Seahawks. {Seahawks won 43 - 8}

Who played in the Super Bowl 2014?

(Denver) Broncos vs. (Seattle) Seahawks. {Seahawks won 43 - 8}

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