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Q: What Super Bowl chamption made the Super Bowl shuffle famous?
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How do you do the Super Bowl shuffle?

Click on the 'Super Bowl Shuffle' link below to see a video of the 1985 Chicago Bears singing and dancing the Super Bowl Shuffle.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Super Bowl Shuffle - 1985?

The cast of The Super Bowl Shuffle - 1985 includes: Julia Kallish as Referee

DO you know how to get the super bowl shuffle instrumental?


What Super Bowl team recorded the Super Bowl shuffle?

1985 Bears

What professional football team was known for the Super Bowl Shuffle?

The Super Bowl Shuffle is a rap song performed by players of the Chicago Bears football team during 1985, slightly prior to their performance in Super Bowl XX.

What song was used in the video recap of Super Bowl XLI?

Super Bowl Shuffle in 1985 and the Bears went on to win Super Bowl XX.

Who made uu the Super Bowl shuffle?

Mike ditka

When did the bears make the Super Bowl Shuffle?

During the 1985 season.

What is the rap song the Chicago Bears Special Teams kicks off to?

super bowl shuffle

How many copies of the Super Bowl Shuffle song were sold?

The Super Bowl Shuffle was a song by the Chicago Bears, USA football team of the NFL. Recorded in 1984.The Bears featured one of the greatest defenses, winning 1984 Super Bowl with only one loss on season. It sold well over one half million copies.

Who were the 3 Bears QBs to appear in the 1985 video Super Bowl Shuffle?

Mcmahon , fuller, flute

What was the Super Bowl Shuffle?

The super bowl shuffle was a rap song that was recorded by members of the 1985 Chicago Bears super bowl championship team during the season as they proceeded to post a 15-1 regular season record and eventually win super bowl XX. Among the well known members of the Shufflin' Crew were hall of famers Walter Payton and Mike Singletary. The punky QB Jim McMahon and William "Refrigerator" Perry were also part of the crew.