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Formula 1 and associated motor racing sports

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Q: What Sports is it is useful to reduce air resistance?
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When is resistance useful?

resistance is useful when a plane is flying in the air, air resistance. it is also useful when a boat is floating on water, water resistance.

How can air Resistance be useful?

Try parachutes.

How does aerodynamics be used to reduce air resistance?

how can aerodynamics be used to reduce air redistence

How do you resist air resistance?

You don't "resist" it but you "reduce" it. For example, many vehicles and projectiles are made in a streamline design to reduce air resistance.

When is air resistance useful?

Sky diving

How does a plane reduce the effects of air resistance?

by flying in the air

What sports uses air resistance?


Why would you want to reduce air resistance?

Reducing air resistance would give your car better gas mileage, and improve your time in speed skating, cycling, and downhill skiing, among many other sports.

How air resistance is useful?

It is useful to stop aircrafts when they land as air brakes and parachutes are used to stop the aircrafts

Why is streamlining used?

to reduce air resistance or drag.

Why do planes have pointed fronts?

To reduce air resistance.

Designers work to reduce air resistance on these?


How can you reduce air resistance?

Decrease the surface area of the object

Why are some vehicles streamlined?

To reduce air resistance or drag.

Why are cars designed with smooth surfaces?

to reduce air resistance

What force does streamlining reduce?

Force streamlining reduces air resistance or air friction.

Why do cyclists bend forward while cycling?

Cyclists bend forward to reduce air resistance.

How does a car reduce air resistance?

By designing the car to be as streamlined as possible.

What affect does streamlining have on forces?

It tends to reduce air (or water) resistance.

How do we reduce the effects of air resistance on a vehicle?

By giving it a streamlined shape.

Why do aerodynamics help cars go faster?

Aerodynamics is related to the shape of the car to reduce air resistance and drag. Aeroplanes are kept clean and polished for the same reason - to reduce the friction caused by the air resistance.

How is streamlining useful?

it cuts down air resistance.

When is air resistance not useful?

It can slow you down because it is a frictional force

How do you stop air resistance?

By moving in a vacuum. Other than that, basically you can't. You can reduce air resistance, by building vehicles so they have an aerodynamic shape - but you can't eliminate air resistance entirely, for any moving object.

Can Parachutists reduce their air resistance by increasing the size of the cross-section they present to the air?

no, the reverse, you will increase it

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