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Head ball, Where you play vollyball with peoples heads.

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Q: What Sports from the 1500 that are now illegal?
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What are some of the types of gambling that are now illegal?

While there are many types of gambling that are legal, there are some that are illegal as well. These types of illegal gambling include unlicensed casinos and sports betting.

How many people use drugs in sports?

The exact number is unknown however many sports are now testing for illegal substances reducing the number of "using" athletes.

What sports were played in England in the year 1500?

hockey was played in England in the year 1500

Is taking sports supplements illegal?

If participating in a sporting team, it is generally not considered fair to take sports supplements. This can cause an unfair advantage to the team, and may result as an illegal activity. But not all forms of sports supplements are illegal.

Are steroids illegal in football?

Steroids are illegal in most if not all sports. They are also illegal in most countries.

Is betting at pinnacle sports legal?

Betting at pinnacle sports is not illegal. It is a well known sports betting company that has a large online following and is very popular. Using this service is not at all illegal.

Is sports betting illegal in the United States of America?

Sports betting is illegal everywhere in the USA except for Nevada, Delaware, and few other cities.

Your girlfriend entered legally but now she is illegal What is the process now?

Your girlfriend entered legally but now she is illegal What is the process now?"

Is it illegal to use drugs in sports?


Definition for doping in sports?

doping in sports is the illegal use of drug that is use by atleles

Where is marijuana legal and illegal?

its illegal now

How many types of gay sports are there?

probaly lilke 1500

Chan brought his collection of 1500 sports cards how many baseball cards did Chan bring?

I would have to say 1500

What are some free sports streaming sites?

this is illegal

Testosterone to increase preformance in sports?

It is illegal to use testosterone in any sports , as it falls under doping.

Which sports cars are illegal?

Sports cars that have not met the NHTSA & EPA standards and are not legal to sell in the U.S.

Which sports car is illegal in NY?

Any sports car that is not legal to sell in the U.S. is not legal in New York.

European Games entertainment and sports from 1500-1600?

footie and dossen owt

How do you face the champions in Wii sports resort?

You have to get high enough skill (about 1500)

Is betting on sports illegal?

Generally in the United States it is illegal to bet on sports, minus animal racing. If you bet within the Nevada Sports Books it is legal which is why betting in Vegas is widely popular. Bookies are everywhere but that is illegal to do although very convenient. There are online loopholes now though. You can bet on sports online if it is an offshore/international betting website. Case in point� is a very popular and widely used in the US sports better website but it is technically based in Costa Rica so you can therefore bet online legally. They even host sporting events in the US so it's no secret to the loophole.

Are trashbags illegal now?

They aren't illegal because we have to put trash in them!!!

What are the disadvantages of commercialization of sports in India?

The disadvantages of "Commercialization of Sports" are that At first, sports used to be a hobby. It used to played to enjoy the game. But now, sports is played just because of money and that is due to the commercialization of sports. At first, if there was a player, he wanted to play well to be a better player. Now, players want to play well to be a higher rate at the market. Because of commercialization of sports, illegal "Match-fixing" has started, which is a part of Corruption, which should be highly avoided.

Why is certain substances illegal in sports?

Some drugs are illegal in sports because they make you stronger, faster, or more agressive. This is seen as cheating. Some drugs are illegal normally because they're bad for you. Then again, all drugs taken in excess are bad for you.

Is illegal?

No of course it is not. They keep it alive just for the popularity of sports.

Why is sports betting illegal?

well it usually depends on what sport it is really