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Q: What Spanish sport did the Captain of the Maine find to be barbaric?
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Is rugby a barbaric sport?

Toughen up afl princesses

How do you say sport in spanish?

"Sport" in Spanish is "deporte".

How do you transilate sport in Spanish?

deporte is sport in Spanish

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Maine doesnt have a unusual sport really. It has basically all the same sports all the other states do.

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How do you say my favorite sport in spanish?

"My favorite sport" in Spanish is "mi deporte favorito".

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What does sport elegante mean in Spanish?

elegant sport

What is a sport starting with h in Spanish?

Hockey is a sport starting with h in Spanish as there is no translation for the English word.

What is fronto?

a spanish sport

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Are there any special sport teams in Maine?

baseball (Miricle League)Basketball

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There could be more than one, but one is Broomball. This could be a trick question, as it does not read: "Which unusual sport is played in ONLY South Dakota, Maine and Minnesota?"

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I learned this in Spanish class. There is no word, let alone sport name that begins with the double r.

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because if you are really supportive to your team than you should run for sports captain

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Football is the most popular sport in Spain!:)

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Volleyball is translated as 'voleibol' in Spanish

What was the effect on England of the defeat of the Spanish colonies?

We finally beat the spanish at a sport

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Cricket, she is captain of the England women's team

How do you say a team sport in spanish?

"A team sport" is "Un deporte de equipo."