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Some drills for catching grounders it that you can get a small piece of wood and strap it onto your hand and learn to use two hands to catch the ball.

a sliding drill is to get two eggs and go into the the grass and slide and you have to keep the eggs above your head or they will break.

And a batting drill is stand next to a fence and swing and if you hit the fence your drop your shoulder.

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Q: What Softball tips softball drills and anything softball?
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What are 3 reliable sources for softball?

Im not aware of a lot of softball sites but this is what I always check out in terms of softball conditioning and a lot of softball tips on improving softball skills

What are some softball drills to increase running speed?

Base running is an essential part in softball. It can be an easy advance in base for teams with fast baserunners which can eventually be a run converted. Before drills can be done make sure your running mechanics are correct. Simple change in mechanics can increase your running speed. Proper arm swing, surface contact and stride length adjustment may help. Make sure also that you are taught the proper way to run around the bases and know the ready position on base prior to the pitch. Rounding the bases of having to increase the running curve before the base will help the runners not to decelerate when running. Check out the link for more tips

Can anyone give tips on defensive softball drills?

Practice the fore-hand, back-hand, and front short hops. Give your girls all kinds of hits, make them play out every single hit, even if it is a mess-up, because every kind of hit will happen in a game, and they all need to be played out. Run a drill where it is game situation so that your players can get used to this.

Why did your upper arm the area around your elbow and down the front of your forearm begin to hurt and your finger tips tingle while you were throwing a softball?

that would be the blood rushing through those areas

How do you throw a 3 seam fastball in softball?

I think about the most you can hope for is two seams, just because the ball is big and womens hands are small. In general, emphasis is placed on one seam on the softball, the one that coincides with the action wanted on the ball. The seams are used a bit differently than in baseball, here they are used to add spin and direction since they are raised and offer grip by the finger tips.

What are some tips for improving your basketball skills?

watch basketball on your tv. do some easy drills. get ahoop and shoot.

What are softball coaching tips for children?

Teach the proper basics of all softball skills and make sure they establish the correct foundation or form 1. Catch and throw - catch with both hands 2. Base running - run all the way and fast to first base 3. Hitting - Use all the muscles of the body all the way down to the legs Make sure that the attitude of being a good player is established. Teach about hustle, hard work and cooperation etc.

What are Softball tips on softball lingos?

go one- throw to first go two- throw to second go three- throw to third go four- throw to home up up up- a pop up is in play and they are going to catch it good cut- good swing good eye- good job swinging at strikes not balls r.b.i- runner batted in.. a hit caused someone to score r.b.a- runner batted around.. a hit moved players around the bases

How to Save on Softball & Baseball Equipment?

Softball and baseball are two of the most fun sports a person can play. Both children and adults love the smell of the spring air as they dive for balls or take turns hitting at pitches. However, you can’t do all of this with your bare hands. Instead, you need the right softball and baseball equipment. Choosing the right items means that you can protect your body and stay safe while hitting and fielding as best as possible. Less than stellar equipment could be unsafe and could hold you back. The following are some tips for how to find softball & baseball equipment at a discount.Always look around in local department stores if you want to find some great deals on softball & baseball equipment. You can find deals at the end of baseball season as well as just at the start. The stores often run promotions and sales. The early bird really will get the best discounts, which is why you should not only visit such establishments but also sign up for any and all mailing lists.Check online if you want to see which stores have the best prices on softball & baseball equipment. You can compare prices with the help of a price comparison website and by using the many online auction websites out there. Think about whether or not you are willing to invest in slightly used pieces of equipment if it will save you a lot of money.The more you know about what bats, gloves, balls, and clothing are selling for, the better able you will be to spot deals on softball & baseball equipment. This means This means that you really need to get out into the community and see what is out there. Once you double check the prices online, you will have a solid idea of what you are looking for. Deals are out there: You just have to get your feet wet and look for them!

Any tips on softball pitching techniques for a 9 yr old to start with?

It's always important to instill proper mechanics. Remember to teach proper grip, upper and lower extremities positioning, form and release point.Make sure that she learns control of the ball and develop her attitude at the plate as well.

What are some great softball pitching tips?

Here are several tips I like for pitchers: 1) Don't try to develop 6 pitches at the same time. Focus on 1-2 at a time until you master them. You are better with 2 excellent pitches than 6 not-so-good ones. 2) Pitching is about 3 things - power, control and deception. You must work on all three to be successful and dominant. 3) Practice regularly - good pitching is about good timing. A minimum of 2 pitching workouts a week is necessary. 4) Learn the change-up - nothing will give the edge on a good batter like a really good change-up. 5) Always get ahead in the count- it will make your life so much easier. For more softball pitching tips, check the link below:

What mineral is used on drills saw blades and knife sh arpeners?

There are all different types, carbite tips to diamonds