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absoloute power or the Czar

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Q: What Russian monarchy was overthrew in the first Russian revolution?
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Which political group replaced the czar's monarchy during the Russian Revolution?

The first "political party" to replace the czar's monarchy was the Bolshevik Party. But technically, it did not "replace" the monarchy since the Czar had abdicated in March 1917. The Russian Provisional Government replace the monarchy as a government, not as a political party. The Russian Provisional Government, a government of ministers was the first "government" to replace the car's monarchy.

What are facts about the Russian revolution?

The Russian revolution, also known as the Bolshevik Revolution, or the October Revolution took place in the year 1917. Two revolutions took place that year in Russia, in which the first, known as the February Revolution, when the Tzar of Russia abdicated his throne, and the provisional government took power. The next revolution was, in October, when the Bolshevik's overthrew the provisional government.

Did the American Revolution or the Russian revolution happen first?

The American Revolution happened first. It went from 1775 to 1783. The Russian Revolution happened in 1917.

Did the French or American or Russian Revolution come first?

The American Revolution came first in 1776, followed by the French Revolution in 1789 and the Russian Revolution in 1917.

What happened in the Russian Revolution and what happened to Russia because of it?

something happened and it made Russia's economy bad In early 1917, the Russian population was unhappy with the monarchy that had ruled Russia for centuries. A series of strikes and riots led to a revolution. A "Provisional Government" was instated to rule of the nation until a new on could be formed. In October 1917, the Bolsheviks (A radical left wing party led by Vladimir Lenin) overthrew the Provisional Government and instated a socialist government. One of their first actions was to pull out of WW1.

How were the the French Revolution of 1789 and the Chinese Revolution of 1911 and the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 similar?

First, the Bolshevik Revolution is not the one of the two Russian Revolutions of 1917 that fits in the group. You want the March Revolution (the Bolshevik was the November Revolution). Anyway, the French, Chinese and March Revolutions all overthrew the monarchy of the country in favor of a different form of government. All the countries wanted republics. None gained republics for long. China and Russia turned communist in a Civil War and Bolshevik revolution respectively. And as for France, well, a short man with a short temper took over.

What happened in the first Russian Revolution?

Which do you count as the 'first' Russian Revolution, the one of 1905 or the one of February 1917? 1905.

What where the two Russian Revolutions of World War 1?

The first was the February revolution in 1917, in which the Tsar abdicated and the Provisional Government took control. The second was the October Revolution, in the same year, at which the Bolshevik party led by Lenin overthrew the Provisional Government and set Communism. In 1922 they created the USSR.

What did the french establish in the first stage of the revolution?

The French established a constitutional monarchy in the first stage of the revolution. This constitutional monarchy only lasted from September 3, 1791 to September 21, 1792.

In the first stage of the revolution what did the french establish?

The French established a constitutional monarchy in the first stage of the revolution. This constitutional monarchy only lasted from September 3, 1791 to September 21, 1792.

Who became leader of russia after the Russian revloution?

Vladimir Lenin became the leader of Russia only after the October Revolution in 1917. After the February Revolution in 1917, the Provisional Government headed first by Prince Georgy Lvov then by Alexander Kerensky took over until Lenin and the Bolsheviks overthrew it.

Who came to power after the Russian Revolution?

Vladimir Lenin came to power after the Russian Revolution. He was the first leader of Communist Russia.

When did the first part of the Russian revolution happen?

The "first part" of the Russian Revolution refers to the first of two revolution that occurred in 1917. The first one, known as the February Revolution, began on February 22, 1917 (Russian Old Style date; March 2 New Style) and ended on March 2, 1917 (Russian Old Style date: March 15 New Style) when the Tsar abdicated.

Who supported the monarchy during the French Revolution?

During the French Revolution, the monarchy lost their heads. France became a Republic for the First time. France is now in the fifth republic.

Why did the first Russian revolution fail?

In soviet Russia The Russia revolution Succeeded

When did England become a constitutional monarchy?

England became a constitutional monarchy in 1688 CE after the Glorious Revolution. The first monarchs to rule with a constitutional monarchy were William and Mary of Orange.

How was the Soviet Union founded?

As the result of the Revolution in 1917. Actually there were two revolutions: the February Revolution overthrew Tsar Nicholas II and replaced him with a provisional government. The October Revolution later that year overthrew the provisional government and replaced it with a Communist government. Both these revolutions took place in Petrograd (now St Petersburg), but the Bolshevik takeover was largely ignored at first. This led to a Civil War in Russia (although some Western countries did join in to try to help bring back the monarchy), finally ending in a Bolshevik victory in 1922 when the USSR was established.

What came first the American Russian Chinese or French Revolution?

American, then French, then Russian, then Chinese.

When did Russian citizens first tried to revolt in?

In Russia the first revolution was in 1905.

How did the Russian Revolution start?

The Russian Revolution started with women protesting in the streets, demanding for more food. When these women and families started demanding for food, everyone started to join in since they found out that the bread and food was being kept away from them. Eventually, everyone got so mad that they started to protest against the Tsar. The Tsar got removed and so they became the first monarchy country.

What is another term for the Russian revolution?

There were four Russian Revolutions. The first one was the Revolution of 1905. Then there was the February Revolution of 1917, then the more widely known one, the October Revolution, which is also named the Great October Socialist Revolution, Red October, October Uprising, or the Bolshevik Uprising. The latest was the 1991 Revolution, which ended the Soviet Union and formed the Russian Federation.

Who was the ruler of Russia when the revolution took place?

Nicholas II who was shot on 16 July 1918 along with his family and four servants by the Bolsheviks.To clarify:It must be understood the the Russian Revolution consisted of two revolutions in 1917 not just one. Each revolution overthrew different rulers/governments.Tsar Nicholas II was the ruler of Russia in the first revolution, the February Revolution, when demonstrations against the Tsar forced him to abdicate. This put an end to the 300 year long Romanov dynasty. Nicholas was taken completely out of power and put under arrest by the succeeding Provisional Government.The Russian Provisional Government ruled Russia when the second revolution, the October Revolution, also called the Bolshevik Revolution, overthrew it and took control of the government. The Bolsheviks also took custody of the Romanov family. They were kept alive for months after the October Revolution ended. During the following Russian Civil War, forces opposed to the Bolsheviks attempted to capture the Tsar and possibly restore him to the throne. In order to prevent this, Vladimir Lenin ordered them killed.

When did the Russian Revolution happen?

There were two Russian Revolutions in 1917. In the February Revolution, the people of Petrograd broke out into demonstrations against Tsar Nicholas II and his handling of the country, specifically the running of the war, continuing food shortages and unfair distribution of land. Tsar Nicholas II was unable to restore order and was convinced to abdicate the throne. A Provisional Government headed first by Prince Georgy Lvov and later by Alexander Kerensky was set up until a Constituent Assembly could be seated to write a new constitution.In the October Revolution, the Bolsheviks under Lenin, staged a military coup and overthrew the Russian Provisional Government which had been formed after the Tsar had abdicated. They took power for themselves and changed their name to Communists.The "Russian Revolution" that everyone is familiar with occurred in 1917. It consisted of two separate rebolutions, the February Revolution and the October Revolution.The "Russian Revolution" that everyone is familiar with occurred in 1917. It consisted of two separate rebolutions, the February Revolution and the October Revolution.

What was Karl Marx's significance in the Russian revolution?

He was the one who put the first idea of the revolution into peoples minds

What are two Russian revolutions in 1917?

First, February Revolution (Democratic). Second, October Revolution (Bolshevik).