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Terry bradshaw

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Q: What QB has the most super bowl rings?
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Which active QB in the NFL has the most super bowl rings?

Tom Brady

What quarterbacks from the 49Er's have Super Bowl rings?

Joe Montana was the starting QB for four Super Bowl wins and Steve Young was the starting QB for one Super Bowl win.

How many super bowl rings does Jim McMahon Have?

Two. One as the starting QB for the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XX and one as the backup QB for the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XXXI.

What backup QB has won the most Super Bowl rings?

Tom Brady started his career as a back up and now has 3 Super Bowl Championships

Qb with most super bowl rings?

Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw both have 4 each.

How many Alabama QBs have super bowl rings?

4. 1) Bart Starr - starting QB for the Packers in Super Bowls I and II. 2) Joe Namath - starting QB for the Jets in Super Bowl III. 3) Ken Stabler - starting QB for the Raiders in Super Bowl XI. 4) Jeff Rutledge - backup QB for the Giants in Super Bowl XXI and Redskins in Super Bowl XXVI.

Who was the Super Bowl QB that graduated from Stanford?

John Elway was QB for the Stanford Cardinal and went on to play for the Denver Broncos, leading them to 5 Super Bowls and 2 Championship rings.

What NFL coach with Super Bowl rings is not in the hall of fame?

Tom Flores, 1st QB for the Oakland Raiders, 4 Superbowl rings.

Who was the most valuable player of super bowl 1 and 2?

The MVP of both Super Bowl I and Super Bowl II was Bart Starr (QB)

What Super Bowl NFL quarterback has thrown the most total interceptions in the Super Bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, the QB with the most career Super Bowl interceptions is John Elway of the Denver Broncos with 8.

Who was the Super Bowl MVP this year?

The MVP of the most recent Super Bowl, Super Bowl XLII, was QB Eli Manning of the New York Giants.

What college has the most super bowl wins from the QB?


What was the name of the quarterback for the Washington Redskins when they won the super bowl?

The Redskins have won a few Super Bowls. Joe Thiesmann was the QB in Super Bowl XVII. Doug Williams was the QB in Super Bowl XXII. Mark Rypien was the QB for them in Super Bowl XXVI.

How many former USC quarterbacks have won Super Bowls?

None. ---- Through Super Bowl XLIII, no USC QB has started a Super Bowl and won ... no USC QB has started a Super Bowl and lost, either. The only USC QB with a Super Bowl ring is Rob Johnson who was the backup QB to Brad Johnson of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl XXXVII. He did not play in the game.

How many Super Bowl rings does Brian Griese have?

1 ... he was the backup QB to John Elway in Super Bowl XXXIII won by the Denver Broncos, 34-19, over the Atlanta Falcons.

Why do people remember Terry Bradshaw?

Because he has 4 Super Bowl rings and was one of the best QB's Pittsburgh ever had.

Who was the only QB to win 3 super bowl rings and retire with over 10000 passing yrds?

Troy Aikman

What QB has been to the super bowl the most times?

roger staubach

1st Super Bowl win?

qB with most superbowl starts

Who is a better QB Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning, he has more of everything than Brady except super bowl rings. Super bowl rings barely count. Only stats and reputation. Brady cheats, and Manning is captain comeback.

Florida State University QB Super Bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLII, the only Florida State QB to start a Super Bowl is Brad Johnson who started Super Bowl XXXVII for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Which former teammates were starting quarterbacks against each other in a super bowl?

Super Bowl XII - Dallas v. Denver - The starting QB for Denver, Craig Morton, was the starting QB for Dallas in Super Bowl V. The starting QB for Dallas, Roger Staubach, was the backup QB for Dallas in Super Bowl V.

Which QB has the most completionsin a super bowl?

Drew brees and tom brady

What QB currently playing has the most Super Bowl wins?

Tom Brady

Which backup QB was on the most winning Super Bowl teams?

steve young