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Q: What Presidents that did not throw out first pitch?
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What President did not throw a pitch at a baseball game?

The first President to throw out a first pitch in Major League Baseball was William Howard Taft in 1910. So none of the earlier Presidents did. Since then, every US President has tossed a pitch in either the All Star Game, the World Series, or the first game of the baseball season.

Who is the only president not to throw the first pitch in baseball?

All the presidents since William Howard Taft in 1910 have thrown out the first pitch on opening day at least one year. None the presidents before Taft performed this ceremony.

Who was the 1st president to throw out a pitch at the start of the baseball season?

William Taft started the tradition of presidents throwing a ceremonial first pitch. He did it on opening day (April 14) of 1910, throwing the first pitch to Walter Johnson. One of his predecessors, William McKinley, had thrown a ceremonial first pitch when he was Governor of Ohio, but not when he was president.

Who was the first president to not throw the first pitch of the baseball season?

George Washington.

Who was the first person to throw an eephus pitch?

Rip Sewell is credited with inventing the eephus pitch.

Who threw first pitch to Jackie Robinson?

Johnny Sain was the first man to throw a pitch to Jackie Robinson in MLB.

The first president to throw a first pitch at baseball game?

William Howard Taft

Did Regis Philbin ever throw out the first pitch at a Yankees game?


When did Taft is first president to throw out 1st pitch of the season?


Who was the first first lady to throw out a first pitch at a major league baseball game?

Barbara Bush

First president to throw pitch at Major League Baseball game?

harry truman The first president to throw out a ceremonial first pitch in Major League baseball was William Howard Taft, who threw out the first pitch for the Washington Senators home opener against the Philadelphia Athletics in 1910.

What president didn't throw the first pitch in a baseball game?

jimmy carter

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