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The fastest recorded speed of a soccer kick was 114 MPH.

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Q: What Possible miles- per-hour speed of a soccer ball?
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What is the fastest speed of a human walking?

112 miles perhour,,uphill

Possible miles-per-hour speed of a kicked soccer ball?

20 to60

What are the possible miles per hour speed on a kicked Soccer ball?

The fastest recorded soccer kick was 114 MPH.

What is the top speed of a Honda trx 250ex?

a Honda trx 250ex will go about 55 miles perhour but its too slow for me

Possible miles per hour speed of a kicked soccer ball?

The possible speed of a kicked soccer ball varies directly with the force applied over a certain area of the soccer ball, but average speeds are between 20 and 60 miles per hour, while the highest would be upwards of 90 and 100 miles per hour.

What is the average speed of a soccer ball when kicked by a pro soccer player?

Usually about 50-65 miles an hour

What is the speed of soccer?

There is no speed of soccer. In soccer the only speed is how fast you run.

Average speed of a soccer shot?

I soccer shot travels faster than you might realize. The average speed of a professional soccer shot is between 45-55 miles per hour.

What is the average speed of a soccer ball when kicked by David Beckham?

The average speed of a soccer ball when kicked by David Beckham is under 91 miles per hour. His top speed was recorded at 97 miles per hour while the top speed ever recorded was about 138 miles per hour.

What is the highest speed of a football Soccer?

As of 2014, the fastest known recorded speed of a kicked soccer ball was 131 miles per hour (211 kilometers per hour), kicked by player Ronny Heberson. Since the speeds of kicked soccer balls are not often recorded, it is possible greater speeds have been achieved.

What is the range of a hurricane's possible wind speed?

The range of a hurricane's possible wind speed is from 74 miles per hour to about 200 miles per hour.

Can a plane of maximum speed 120 miles per hour travel at a speed of 2000 miles per hour?

its possible

What miles per hour does speed travel at?

Speed in neither distance nor displacement but rather but a possible way to describe speed in miles per hour.

What is the lowest possible speed to orbit the earth?

7 miles a second

What speeds can a soccer ball travel at top speed?

Hami from Trabzonspor (Turkey): 165.284 miles per hour

What is average speed of Soccer shot of professional Soccer?

The average speed of a professional soccer player's shot is 67 MPH.

If a soccer ball is hit at 21 miles per hour then what is the balls speed in meters per seconds?

The ball's speed is 9.4 meters per second.

How fast is 317 Kilometers to miles?

That's not possible. Kilometers and miles are measurements of distance not speed. If you are really asking "far", then it is 196.974 miles.

What the speed of soccer?


How many miles should a soccer player be running to get good fitness?

According to studies, the average Soccer player runs 7 miles per game, so if your target is to be in good shape for Soccer you can use this as a basis but you will find altering your training to include speed, agility and quickness will yield important results for your Soccer training.

What does speed have to do with soccer?

speed has a lot to do with soccer. if you didn't have speed then you wouldn't be able to chase down the ball or catch other players to get the ball

What are the names of shani davis's parents?

Bbecause he started training when he was little and havent gave it up yet and when he travels at the speed of 1200mile perhour that is why he is so daring muah :)megan

What are possible problems on a Acura CL 2.2 above 100000 miles?

timing belt , speed sensor,

Is the speed of light the highest speed possible?

It is believed that the speed of light is the highest possible speed.

How fast can a soccer ball can go?

The Speed of a Soccer Ball depends on your kick.