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The St. Louis Cardinals won the 2006 World Series, so they got the rings.

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Q: What Players received World Series rings in 2006?
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Do inactive players get World Series rings?

Yes. In most cases, even players who were traded from the team during the regular season are awarded world championship rings.

Have any part time employees received World Series rings?


New york Yankees active players with championship rings?

As the Yankees won the World Series in 2009 all players that were active in the 2009 season have rings.

When are the world series rings given to the players?

during home opener the following season

How many players have won six world series rings?

1 babe Ruth

How many World Series rings has dale sveum received?

1 ... as third base coach for the Boston Red Sox that won the 2004 World Series.

How many current members of the New York Yankees team won 7 World Series rings?

There are no current players on the Yankees with 7 rings. There are four players with 5 rings (Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada and Andy Pettitte)

Who received phillie's 2008 World Series rings?

every one on the phillies organazation in cluding people who work for the team

How many World Series rings did Derek Jeter have by 2002?

Derek Jeter had four World Series rings by 2002.

What is the value of a 1917 Chicago White Sox world series ring?

There were no rings then. Players were given a pocket watch, with a medallion attached to the watchchain.

Do players who don't play in postseason still get a world series ring if their team wins?

Any players who were on the roster during the year even if they didntsee action or were on the DL receive rings.

What players have won World Series rings with New York and Boston?

There haven't been many because Boston didn't win a World Series between 1918 and 2004. Three players who won world championships with both teams: Babe Ruth, Johnny Damon and Eric Hinske.