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KSAZ, channel 10, the Fox outlet in Phoenix, will telecast the game.

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910 AM

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Q: What Phoenix channel is broadcasting the Super Bowl game in Phoenix?
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What channel was Super Bowl XL on?

American Broadcasting Company (ABC)

What spanish channel is the Super Bowl on?

Fox channel 9 in Saint Paul is broadcasting it in Spanish right now.

Are they showing the Super Bowl on channel 6 or 8?

The Super Bowl is typically shown on channel 6 and 8. It also is usually shown on other major news broadcasting channels like ABC, CBS, and NBC!

What channel is airing Super Bowl 44 in Ireland?

If you don't have the BBC channel, which has been broadcasting it for some time now, TV3 would most likely have it.

What sports channel will be broadcasting the Super Bowl?

In order to know what Comcast HD channel will air the Super Bowl game one needs to know the zip code in which you reside. Channel line ups are broken down by area.

Who is Broadcasting the Super Bowl in 2009?


What television stations are broadcasting Super Bowl XLIII?

NBC is the network for Super Bowl XLIII.

Is ABC broadcasting the Super Bowl?

Not this year NBC will.

What network is broadcasting Super Bowl in 2011?


When was phoenix in super bowl?


Has the city of Phoenix ever hosted a Super Bowl?

Phoenix has indirectly hosted two Super Bowls: Super Bowl XXX (30) was played at Sun Devil stadium in Tempe and was at the time the home of the Phoenix Cardinals. The most recent was Super Bowl XLII (42) played at University of Phoenix stadium in Glendale, a suburb of Phoenix. In both cases the Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals were considered the host team for the game.

What channel was Super Bowl 45 on?

Super Bowl XLV (45) was televised on FOX channel 5.