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yes it does depending on the speed of velocity you are traveling... yes if you were it on your head

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The brain.

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Q: What Organ in your head does a helmet protect?
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Why do you use a bicycle helmet?

If you fall and hit your head on the sidewalk, a helmet will keep you from busting your head open. If you fall of a bike and land on your head, a helmet will protect you head.

What is a hard hat to protect the head?

A hard hat to protect the head is a helmet.

What is a policemans helmet legally used for?

protect his/her head

Something a viking wore to protect his head?

a helmet

How do helmets protect your head?

by the stuff in the helmet and the clorine that stops your head from banging

How does a helmet protect you?

A helmet prevents the head from taking a direct impact with some solid object.

What is the helmet on a knight for?

To protect their head of course, from arrows and swords.

Why did Ned Kelly wear a helmet?

Do protect his head by fire

How much does a helmet protect you?

A helmet can protect your head from many different injuries that are possible while riding a bike or motorcycle. You can prevent cuts to the head, concussions, and even brain damage from hard hits or falls.

Does the use of a helmet greatly decrease the risk of injury during a bike accident?

Wearing a bicycle helmet can greatly decrease the risk of head trauma. Other injuries on bicycles will not be affected by helmet use. The helmet is there to protect the head.

How do you make sentence protect?

Wear sunscreen to protect your skin and prevent sunburn. He wears a helmet to protect his head when he rides his bike.

Why does Peyton Manning where his helmet so tight?

to protect his head. because he is getting older.