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Q: What Olympic event did mother and daughter compete?
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Does the US compete in every Olympic event?


What olympic event did the first woman compete in?


What olympic event does grant hackett compete in?

1500 meters free

What event did the Jamaican's compete in during their first Olympic games?


What are modern olympic games?

Olympic GamesThe olympic games is a event where all countries of their best players compete and win.

What Olympic event can men and women compete against or be on the same team?


Do wrestlers from WWE compete in the Olympics?

No, professional wrestling is not an event in the Olympic Games.

What event did Australia not compete in during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games?


What is an important summer Olympic event in which to compete?

All of them are equally important. A negative drug test.

Is weightlifting an Olympic event for women?

yes, women have been allowed to compete since 2000

Why don't Olympic rowers compete in more than one event?

Because that's all there good at.

How did Ka Ming Leung get into the Olympics?

He placed well enough in a regional Olympic qualifying event to be given the opportunity to compete in the Olympic Games themselves.