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Michelle Kwan has an Olympic silver medal and and Olympic bronze medal.

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Q: What Olympic Medals did Michelle Kwan win?
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How many gold medals did Michelle kwan win?


How many silver medals did Michelle Kwan win?


How many medals did Michelle kwan win?

She won two Olympic medals, a silver at the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano and a bronze at the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City.

How many medals did Michelle kwan win in total?

Michelle Kwan won a total of 42 championships, 30 gold, 15 silver, and 4 bronze.

Did Spain win Olympic medals?

Yes spain did win olympic medals but only a few

What Olympic medals did larissa latynina win?

18 Olympic medals.

What Medals did Michelle Kwan win when she was age 7-12?

She won lots of medals at thirteen and u[p, but she was training very hard throughout seven through twelve. She did start to compete at the age of nine but she won most medals at thirteen and up.

What was Michelle's Kwan goal?

To win Olympic gold in the ladies' figure staking. Unfortunaly, she never won gold. He best is a sliver at the 1998 Nagano Winer Olympics.

What year did us win the most summer olympic medals?

what year did the US win the most summer Olympic medals?

What olympic medals did Mchael Phelps win?

gold medals

How many Olympic Gold Medals did China win in the 2008 Olympic Games?

51 gold medals

How many medals did Shane gould win?

5 olympic medals

Did althea Gibson win any medals?

Not any Olympic medals.

What sports did Germany win medals in?

Olympic medals in which sport for germany

How many gold medals can you win in the Olympic 2008?

302 events at the 2008 Olympic = 302 Gold Medals

How many medals did Zimbabwe win in 1996?

Zimbabwe did not win any medals at the 1996 Olympic Games.

In what event did New Zealand win a lot of gold medals in the 1980 olympic games?

New Zealand did not win any medals at the 1980 Summer Olympic Games.

How many olympic gold medals did ian thorpe win?

Ian Thorpe has won 5 Olympic gold medals.

How many olympic medals did Jim Thorpe win?

2 gold medals.

How many Olympic medals did Michael Jordan win?

Two gold medals.

How many Olympic medals did New Zealand win in 1976?

4 medals.

How many medals did Serena Williams win?

2 olympic gold medals

How many medals did Jamaica win in the 2010 winter Olympic?

5000000000000000 medals

How many olympic medals did micheal jordan win?

2 gold medals.

What countries didn't win medals in 2012 Olympics?

A large number of countries did not win any medals. The related link lists the 85 nations that did win Olympic Medals