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Q: What North Carolina basketball player won ten scoring titles in the NBA?
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What is the college with the most NCAA basketball titles?

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Who is the best basketball player on NBA?

Nathan Binette has 5 titles and is the best basketball player to ever play.

How many basketball national titles has UNC won in last 20 years?

North Carolina has won three of the past 20 NCAA men's basketball titles (1993, 2005 and 2009).

How many mens basketball championships have the carolina tarheels won?

The Tar Heels have won five titles.

Which NCAA school has had the most national championship titles in college basketball?


How many ACC tournaments has North Carolina men's basketball won?

North Carolina has won 18 ACC Tournament Championships and 31 regular season titles.

Did Michael Jordan win his first college game?

Athletic sports are often referred to as "entertainment". With that said, the basketball player Michael Jordan received many championship awards for his skills in basketball. This included awards for winning six NBA titles and receiving a gold medal for the USA's first place basketball team in the 1992 Olympics. His awards in basketball are really too many to count. Most players and sports analysts cite Jordan as the best player of basketball in history. Although his awards are too amny to count, here are a few more that basketball players and fans know are important ones: * He made the final shot that gave the University of Carolina the national basketball championship in 1982; * He won 10 scoring titles in the NBA; * At least two times he was elected to be on the NBA's all defensive & all offensive teams in the same year; * Was awarded 6 MVP awards in the 6 NBA titles he won;and * He was the NBA's MVP for five times.

Who is better Kevin Durant or Dwyane Wade?

Kevin Durant he has won three straight scoring titles.

Which universities have won the most NCAA titles in all basketball?

UCLA 11 Titles Kentucky 7 Titles North Carolina 5 Titles Indiana 5 Titles Duke 4 Titles Kansas 3 Titles Cincinnati, Connecticut, Florida, Louisville, Michigan State, North Carolina State, Oklahoma State (Oklahoma A&M), & San Francisco All have 2 Titles each. No other team has more than 1 Title.

Which Basketball Hall of Fame member made history in 1973 by becoming the only plyer ever to win both the scoring and assist titles in the same NBA season?

Micheal Jackson

Which basketball players have won 8 scoring titles?

The only player in NBA history with at least 8 scoring titles is Michael Jordan who had 10: 1997-98, 1996-97, 1995-96, 1992-93, 1991-92, 1990-91, 1989-90, 1988-89, 1987-88, 1986-87 Wilt Chamberlain led the NBA in scoring in 7 seasons.

How many scoring titles does Kobe Bryant hold?