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Through the 2007 season, no one from the Mets has won a National League batting title.

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2007-09-29 01:35:55
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Q: What New York Met won a batting title?
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Which New York Yankee was the last to win a batting title?

Bernie Williams was the last Yankee to win a batting title. Bernie batted .339 in 1998.

Did any New York Mets player win a batting title?

Through the 2009 season, no.

Who won the AL batting title in 1984 with a 343 average?

That player was Don Mattingly of the New York Yankees.

How many times did Babe Ruth win the A.L. batting title?

Babe Ruth won the American League batting title one time. He won it in 1924, batting .378 with the New York Yankees.

Who was the most recent winner of a batting title for the new york yankee's?

As of the 2009 season, Bernie Williams was the last New York Yankee to win the American League batting tiitle with a .339 average in 1998.

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What was Paul Oneil batting average in 1994?

In his second season with the New York Yankees, O'Neill won the American League batting title with a .359 average.

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